Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Friday

:P well it's 2am that qualifies right?

So the dentist went well yesterday *alhumdulillah* I look like I have normal teeth again. I go back on the 2nd January to get the 2nd part of the root canal done. Thankfully I didn't get my back tooth removed, that will be done at a later date.

Oh I took a bunch of shots of the new plants, I will post tomorrow, it's to late now and I'm tired. I have to be up early, I'm taking the car to get new tires tomorrow so can post again in the morning with the photos.

Tonight we decided to move. Our next door neighbour is moving down south, so will be renting out his house. So hopefully tomorrow we can look again inside (Zaly saw tonight, but says I need to give my seal of approval), then Monday we will put the application in. Moving will be at the end of January, and will be a bigger increase in rent. But the house is much nicer than ours, and no need for removalists lol, it's just next door yay. So we just have to hope that he will accept us (and that no one else get's in before us).

Well that's it from me, will be back later with the flower pics.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm feeling creative

hehe not a good sign for Zaly. I've been reading Jacq's blog, and I absolutely love her album covers, and especially her iPod nano covers. So I've decided to try it out myself and see if I can make these types of things myself. So today I went to Spotlight at Indooroopilly and picked up 2 nice *cheap* enough (lol that's the important part incase I suck at this lol) craft fabrics, and 2 fat flats. I got the cord too, not sure what I'ma do with that lol.

So I will see tomorrow or Thursday to give this my first shot.

I also picked up a little Christmas Hanger, from Kaisers Beyond the Page Range. It's so cute, I'm altering it for my mum for her Christmas decorations, I forgot though that I told mum I'd make 2, and I only grabbed 1, so hopefully on the way to the dentist tomorrow Zaly will let me stop and get another one. I also want to pick up some thin batting, which in my haste to get out of Spotlight as fast as possible I forgot to grab.

Today we went to K-mart, I had to pick up a layby for my mum and my sister, my sisters layby was her kids toys for christmas (lucky kids they're getting a bike each among heaps of other things). For mum it was the shadow boxes for the LO's I'm doing for christmas. I'm pretty pissed off though, I brought them home and went to insert the first two LO's and the boxes aren't 12 x 12 like it says it is. They're about 1cm off! I'm cranky, I could cut the LO's down (but I don't want to). So I'm thinking to return them, complain and then go find the boxes somewhere else. Only problem is that these were a lot cheaper (probably why they weren't the proper measurement), and I've only got till tuesday till I go away.

Oh we got some more flowers for the garden. Last week we started repotting things, this week we're adding flowers lol. I think maybe we're nuts, especially since we're not gardening people! But tomorrow I'll try to take photos when the flowers are planted, they're all pretty!

Well that's it from me, I need to get to bed *sigh* only 13 hours and 45 minutes till the dentist *eek*. Also tomorrow morning at 10.30 I've got to go take my sister to catch a train to the airport! She's going to mums house tomorrow (her, the hubby and the 2 children). My eldest sisters eldest son will be arriving at my parents on Thursday, then next Tuesday it is my turn to "arrive", with my 2nd brothers dughter in tow. Hopefully within 2 days of my arrival my 2nd brothers wife will arrive with their son, and closer to christmas day my 2 brothers will come with my eldest brothers fiancee. This is the closest to altogether for Christmas this family will get I feel, and the funniest part is I don't celebrate Chrsitmas anymore lol.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The things I run out of

I ran out of pink cardstock! And the annoying thing is I have mojo I really want to do this LO tonight, but without the CS how?? I need it. I had heaps and heaps of blues and green and especially browns, yet not 1 full piece of any shade of pink or even red. So tomorrow I have to convince my husband to allow me to go to the scrapbooking store to pick up some more, I don't think he'll understand the dilema, for him he'll think why not use a different paper, one that matches the CS you have, but I so want to use this paper (it's from the new Regal range from Sassafrass Lass, who wouldn't want to use it lol).

So I found this coaster in my cupboard the other night, it had the paper stuck to it, but it wasn't cut out (and obviously not decorated), so I finished it off, and decided to pass it on to my friends daughter. She's such a cutie, she's 6 years old, and whenever she sees me she yells out my name and will chat to me till my ear falls off lol. I hope she'll like it, I know she loved looking at the cheeseboard I gave her mum a few weeks back, so now she'll have her own little thing.

I actually haven't scrapped since my last post, I seem to come and go with the mojo (or maybe I'm just plan lazy lol, I think it's laziness). Tonight I'm going to start on the hanging keepsake for my mum, I wanted to do a hanging album, but do you think they had any left at spotlight? of course not. So I settled for the hanging keepsake which is like 3 times smaller, I have another one here, so I might make her 2 instead lol.

I also need to finish the last 2 LO's for her, but I think I might just take my scrapping goodies to her house and do them there, as I want 2 fresh photos of her and dad for the LO's. So I think I need to do some serious LO planning lol or I'll end up with all my supplies up there.

I also need to do some serious convincing with Zaly in the next week.

1. I'm leaving Tuesday next week for my parents house, I want to take my laptop with me, he doesn't think I need it up there. My parents do have 2 computers, but both of them use them a lot, and with the amount of people in the house this Christmas I doubt I'll get much time on there at all (and I'm a computer addict), my laptop is mine only, I don't allow others to even touch it, and only my dad knows the password (I am nice to my parents they can use it), and I can upload photos as I go along. He also seems to think that I'll let all and sundry play with the laptop (he forgets I'm extremely anal and won't let people play with my things).

2. I want to take the new camera with me, we got a canon ixus 70 the other week for free, it's also essentially my camera, it came free with my phone :p yet again he thinks it's not needed, that I should use out fuji camera. I'm kinda getting sick of the fuji, the photos aren't coming out as clear (it's getting old), and the canon seems to take nicer pics (considering the MP are twice that of the fuji it's no wonder), and I want some lovely clear pics to scrap of christmas. The fuji does have better options, but I don't want to be printing out partially pixilated photos.

3. I want to buy protein powder this week, not when I get back from my parents. This one is all me being *I want it yesterday* but I do think it would be of some benefit to be having this over the Christmas period, as I'm not exercising as much and I want to retain the muscle I've built. I think he doesn't want to have to pay for it first lol, cause it's over $100 for the container.

So that's my suck up list, and I think I'm going to play dirty to get #1 & 2 my way. See what happens lol. Though my mum and sister both suggested I hide the laptop in my bag :D silly ladies they are (pity the laptop sits on the desk or else I would, but I don't see him not noticing that one lol, or when I go through security at the airport taking it out of my bag lol).

Hehe I think tonight I might get my bag out and start putting the things I'm taking aside. Also need to send a RAK to UAE this week, so I don't forget it next week. My flight leaves at 1.55pm, and I have to be there at 1pm to meet my Niece Destiny who is flying up with me, and the morning I have PT.

On other things I'm on the count down to for my root canal and tooth extraction, it's on Wednesday afternoon eek, I'm really scared as always, though I'm not so bad about the root canal anymore. My friend Kasey is a dental assistant and she showed me and talked through everything they do in a root canal, which made me feel a tonne better.

OK well I think I've rambled enough.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Sorry, I forgot again ...

So I as always forgot to update this thing lol. Will try to fill in as much as possible hehe.

Today was my last day of TAFE *yay* well officially it's Thursday! But I've finished everything *Alhumdulillah* and don't have to go back. I will admit in hindsight if I had've applied myself more I would've finished about a month ago, but I'll just be happy with the fact that I've finished, and a promise that I hope I won't break to be more focused on my studies next semester. I'll be getting my pretty certificate hopefully in January! It was wonderful to see that large list of J's (passes). I took 13 units. Next year I am thinking to study Information Technology, I'm looking to see for a flexi course again, as I don't want to be stuck going everyday, as I need DH time, and I want to be able to go ahead if I can.

Onto other things here are my latest LO's:

This one I did for
{Create} Make it happen for their November challenge "me in 2007" I won a RAK for it *yay* Thanks ladies!!

For December at Are you feeling Groovie and Groovie Scraps Cafe us Admin and Mods are the guest designers for this months challenge :) Hope you'll join in the fun.

The challenge from us is:
3 Patterned Papers
Fabric for Texture
Chipboard shape

This is my take:

And cause I'm just so darn fast here is my take for {Create} Make it happen for thier December challenge "Thankful"

I am thankful for my parents *love* they are two people in this life I couldn't be without, they accept me as me, and never once have questioned my judgement on anything. Especially when as a fresh faced 18/19 year old I met my husband, changed religions and got married all in the span of 3 months. They respect that we need to make choices in our lives for ourselves, if we make a mistake they will be there for support and to help us recover. If we ever need help they are the ones we lean on, if we want advice they will be there to give it. I feel blessed to have them in my life.

With the last 2 Layout's I'm killing 2 birds with one stone hehe. My mum wanted me to make 4 Layouts of them (my parents) to give to my bothers and sisters for christmas presents. So thought well should do the pics for challenges whilst I'm at it :)

Oh and last but not least I made this card, it will most likely go to my mum for her birthday next month.

In two weeks time I am back to my parents house for holidays, I'll be there from the 18th till the 1st January. I'm soooo excited. Tomorrow I'm going to this shopping centre on the other side of the city and I'm going to buy some things to alter for them :) it'll be a long hanging album so they can hang pictures of all their grandchildren on the wall. I also want to get these christmas tree things to alter for them. I'm sure they will absolutely love them. hmm hope my mum doesn't come read my blog lol.

Am hoping to that there will be these butterflies left that I had gotten before, the store I brought them from originally doesn't have set products, it's always changing, so you have to buy things you like when you see them. Last time I only brought the pack of white (10 for $2.50) so if they have all 3 colours (they had pink and blue as well) I will buy those 2 packets as well. Oh and I want to get some more Kaiser bling hehe. Loving Kaiser things at the moment.

Oh Edleen got my package, I sent her some Pink Wish Tim Tams for her birthday, along with a card from the Groovie mods and a small RAK for her and Steph. Included was my Groovie secret girlfriend gift, so glad to have had that out of the way, and safely in Singapore already. I'll share the photo of what I made on the 16th (when they all get handed out).

Anyways that's all from me, don't really have anything else to share. Hope you all had a great day :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I survived

The dentist that is yay. Bad news is I have to go back next month. He popped a temporary filling in so no more pain, but next month the tooth will be coming out :( Turns out that whilst it is savable with a root canal, my wisdom tooth is pushing up under it, so would have to come out down the track anyway. Slightly relieved about the cost saving for getting it pulled as compaired to the root canal. At the same time this tooth is being pulled I am also having a root canal started on my front tooth, that one thankfully is worth saving, but the cost, well lets just say I won't be scrapbook shopping for a while.

So onto other news, on the great stakes I finished my 10th unit for my TAFE course yesterday yay. I have 3 units left to complete, all of which I have started, so hoping it will all be finished soon.

Today was slightly busy, made 2 cards and altered a coaster, had to pick up Terese and Kane from school, then bring them here, cause I wanted to print some photos and my laptop wasn't co-oporating. Then I went to go get the photos, pumped up our car tire (we got a flat yesterday so put the spare on it was low on air), then dropped the kids home. Then it was off to gym for 2 hours eek. It is very busy around the gym, DFO (direct factory outlet) just opened, and during the day they even had police there directing the traffic. I'm glad I went at 5pm to gym when it's just closed, but still a lot of traffic then.

Oh have myself a gym achievement to, I've managed since last week to stay on the stepper machine for 30 mins straight at the highest setting. I'm doing the machine now at least 4 times per week so that I don't loose that ability hehe. And 2 little bits to brag, 1 - was told the other day by a lady I had just met that she was amazed at how powerful I am in boxing, as I did a double class, (basically in 1 hour doing twice the amount of boxing everyone else did), and I stayed consistent with my moves, and the effort I put in (I didn't slack off), and 2 - found out the reception ladies were gossiping about me with my personal trainer, was all good gossip though, they were talking about my weight loss, and how good I'm looking.

On the actual weight loss, I've lost 21kgs :) so am very happy with that. Would like to get another 10kgs off, though my PT is hinting towards me going into maintenance mode. Unfortunately I feel I'm begining to plateau. My weight has stayed the same for the last 3 - 4 weeks just having slight up and down moves, even though I've had a lot more exercise for the last 2 weeks. But will see how I go when I weigh myself on Sunday.

So to some pics:

First up is the LO I didn't get to show the other day, this is Erika and Hafiz, my husbands youngest sisters children, this LO is for Groovie Java Scraps mini challenge. Was so hard, but the outcome was great.

My niece Terese turns 11 on Sunday *sob* she's not a baby anymore, anyway I made this to go with her birthday present.

Oh and this is her birthday card.

And this card I also decided to make at the same time.

Am hoping this weekend I can get some LO's done, I got some photos printed. But will also be busy have to do a bunch of updating for the forum I mod on, in their kitchen section.

Well that's it from me today, short short post.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy November

So I'm as always late with my entries. I think Ed's asked me about 10 times since my last post if I've updated this thing. :) But at least it didn't take me 4 months lol.

So nothing much has been happening in the life of me. We've been back from my parents for 2 weeks now (I swear time just flies by). And I've been slacking off at TAFE. I know I should just pull my head in and finish my course, but I just can't seem to pull myself out of bed in the morning, or even look at my books. Annoying thing is now I have 4 weeks to finish it all, so I'd better get in and get it done. Says to self **you will go to TAFE as often as possible for the next 4 weeks, and you WILL stay the whole time**

Wednesday this week will be a scary day for mwah. I have a dentist appointment at 12.15pm, and I'm freakishly afraid of dentists! Like I was seriously starting to hyperventilate just making the appointment. I'm even scared of getting my teeth cleaned. It's ironic isn't it, I have horrid teeth, and I'm scared of the dentist! I bet if my teeth were pefect I wouldn't be scared to go. So anyway it's 36 hours and 5 minutes away (yes I'm counting down). I'm scared.

So I've done some scrapping this week, actually I've done 3 LO's and altered a cheese board in the last week and a half. That's a record I think for the last few months lol. The 3rd LO I'll have to show next time, cause I've yet to photograph it, and it's night time (need day light).

I took this photo of my 2nd sisters 2 kiddies back in Febuary. Kane has such a fake photo time smile, where as Terese will be natural and do whatever her lil heart pleases, plus she was getting sick of the camera by that time (I'd taken about 500 shots of her).

This LO is of DH and I at Cape Hillsborough. It's just north of Mackay. I swear the sand on that beach is the nicest I've ever seen in my life, it's like a silvery colour, I wanted to take it home lol.

And finally my altered cheese board. I made this for a friend (obviously her name is Mandy). I'm giving it to her tomorrow, and eekk I realy hope she likes it. I've never actually altered anything for someone I'm not related to (except the coaster for the swap thing, but that doesn't count).

I'm eagerly awaiting a parcel from Blue Bazaar! I went a bit overboard with ordering (ended up spending $70 eek), and can't wait to see my new goodies. I got 3 new rub-ons from October Afternoon, plus a few of their gorgeous papers, some thickers (chipboard and foam), MM felt flowers, and shimmer alphas (was hoping to get some more noteworthy papers but they aren't in there yet), and I got a bunch of the new papers from Sasafrass Lass (I hope I spelt that right), I got some from all 3 sets, but most are from the Owl Pals, cause that one is just plain gorgeous.

Also to make the shopping time even better I'm going to Scrapbook City sometime between tomorrow and Thursday! Hehe but I think DH will put me on a scrapbook buying ban after this.

Oh and to show Kane can smile normally:

Isn't he just *handsome*

That's it from me, since it's 12.30am! 35 hours and 45 mins to go! *help*

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm all blogged out lol

I'm the type of person who really finds no joy in blogging or those types of things. I'm on a few forums and some days I don't even feel like posting on them (kinda bad when you're admin on 1 forum, and mod on another lol). I even do things like join facebook then don't go back.

Edleen tagged me so I thought I'd better be nice and post. I've actually never been tagged before (well from what I can remember lol).

1. Link to the person (or in my case person(s) that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog, we all want to know them).
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So 7 random facts about me

1. I always wish I was 18. Not to say it was the best year of my life, more that I don't like how fast time is going by.
2. I always want to be somewhere else.
3. I'm always forgetting things.
4. I don't know how to swim, even though I grew up right next to the beach.
5. I like to eat apple sauce with custard.
6. I'm a lazy friend (yes I'm the type who won't call you for months lol).
7. Whilst IVF is stressful to go through, it's never been particularly stressful to go through for me, I always find thinking about it, and having spent so long TTC more stressful.

So that's my random 7 facts. I won't tag anyone, wait I'll tag Julianna hehe sorry Julianna. But I won't tag 6 other people lol, I don't think 6 other people read this blog.

Oh I made another card for Hari Raya, this one was for my MIL.

At the moment I'm not at home. We're up at Sarina, just south of Mackay (in north Queensland). My parents moved up here almost 4 years ago. We've been here for a week now, and are going home on Monday. I always miss my parents when I'm away from them, but it's great that they're only a short plane ride away (or a long 12 hour car drive). I'm grateful that this time we caught the plane lol. I do think though I would be fine if we moved overseas, which we hope one day to do (to Singapore).

Anyway we surprised my mum with our visit, dad knew we were coming (we needed a lift from the airport lol). So to get my mum to go into Mackay my dad told her he had to go to the Dr, and would drop her at the shops, then pick her up when he'd finished at the Dr's and take her for lunch (Zaly and I had to tell her we were shouting them lunch to make her go). So dad dropped her at the shopping centre and came and picked us up from the airport. I found out she was in Big W and called her and told her that dad said she was there and could she please check if they sell inks in their scrapbooking section. So we hid in the isle and she went to the scrapping section and then Zaly asked her if he could help her lol. She was almost in tears she was so happy. So we took them for lunch at the marina, was nice, we went to a tappas bar.

Have since spent the time lazing around, we went for a drive up Sarina range, and also to Cape Hillsborough. And on Friday we will be going to Arlie Beach.

Will try to share photos soon, am not in the photo sharing mood anymore lol.

Oh today I got my hair cut for the first time in 2 years, hair was getting sooooo long, but I retained most of the length, took about 2 inches off it. And got new layers done. It looks so much better now and more healthy.

ok well that's it from me.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I am still here ...

I'm here, but as you can all tell by now I'm still very slack hehe.

So no scrapping from me, I've made some cards though which I'll share in a minute.

Today I went back to TAFE after a 2 week break, I also did a test (lovely first days back), for manual payroll. All I can say is I'm glad it's over, payroll is the kind of thing where when you make 1 mistake it has a domino effect. And well I do said domino effect way to well. Thankfully though I did pass, so I'm happy with that. It leaves me now with 4 more units to complete then I've finished my course.

Though I'm going to have to start deciding what I want from life, and heading that way. I've been thinking to ge a part time job as a receptionist or secretary whilst I continue studying, but I don't know what I want to study! I have been toying with the idea of getting my qualifications to become a personal trainer, as I love working out and all that (and bossing people around), but it's 2 very expensive courses and the pay rates aren't that great. My other thought is to get into either accounting or HR, but then I don't know if I want to be stuck in front of a computer all day. *sigh* why is it that at 23 I have NO direction in life??? Kinda sad really.

So these cards I made are for close family for hari raya, I only made 4, though I make make another one tonight I'm not sure yet.

This first one is for my FIL and Step MIL.

These 2 were sent to my husbands 2 sisters and family last week.

Oh and I made this birthday card.

OK well that's all from me today hehe hopefully I'll remember to come back again :p

Monday, September 24, 2007

Still here...

Must be some record right, blogging this many times in the span of 9 days lol.

I've not done much in the way of scrapping since my last post, though I did make a lo of my neice Terese for a sketch challenge by Ed.


I've also made a card, I started another two tonight to. I'm going to send maybe 4 or 5 over to Edleen. I need to start making some cards for Eid soon as well, as we need to get them sent soon to reach Singapore in time. hehe.

On other things fasting is going ok. Though it's messing up my sleeping patterns grr. I'm glad though that I am managing to get through the day. This week though I'm going to focus on the sleep, I need to get back to being able to go to bed at 10pm and actually sleep, and not be up till all hours of the night and being so tired in the day time.

My diet hasn't been the best these last few weeks, and since ramadan started it's gotten worse, there's another thing to focus on this week to lol. But somehow I managed to loose another kilo this past week yay. So I'm going to try to be very very good with the eating and see how much I can loose till the end of ramadan ;))

I brought the new expansion pack for the sims 2 last week, and I've been playing it heaps, I love it, all sending my sims on holidays. Can't wait for the new stuff pack to come out "teen stuff".

Anyway that's it, nothing much else is happening here. :p

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some things ...

I thought I would be good and post more regular (well at least try to) Ed should be happy with me :D hehe.

Anyway my fasting this last 3 days has been good, I'm glad that I am lasting the days, though by 1pm I get so hungry. The good thing about fasting is that when you break fast you cannot eat much at all, you fill up so fast. So I guess as long as you don't go overboard on the sweets and fried foods, can loose some more weight hehe.

Oh so I took up knitting, I'm in my early early stanges, and I just completed a tension square (which became a rectangle), now I got all confused and I counted my rows wrong, I was wondering why it was taking me so long to complete. Then the other day I counted that I had 4 rows to go, so I knitted 4 rows, then I counted again but it had only advanced 2 rows. Turns out I was missing half the rows, so my 30 rows was actually 60 lol.

Anyway here is the pics of it:

Oh over at farflung craft they had a thing to name one of their new papers from the Maharaja Paper range (Go check out the sneak peaks on their blog the new papers are gorgeous). I was very shocked today to find out that I won the rak prize, as they chose my name "Indian Sweets" for the paper. Oh the blog is

Tonight we were to meet up with a friend of my husbands at another friends Thai restaurant in the Valley. The friend had to pull out (we'll be visiting with him next week now), so we decided since we were in the mood to eat there we would still go. The food is devine, and I'm not just saying this because we know the owner. And i can't wait till next week to go all over again hehe. Tonight we ate Chicken Satays, Prawn Rolls, Gai Yang (they make the best gai yang ever), Beef Panang Curry, and Deep Fried Fish in Spicy Sauce (forgot it's thai name) with coconut rice.

I started today at tafe "Payroll" it seems interesting enough, so I'm going to try to complete it over the next 2 weeks (we have holidays till the 8th oct). Well I'm going to try to do as much as possible of my last 5 units over the holidays so I can rest and relax for the rest of the year, and decide what I'm going to do next year (work or more study etc etc).

Anyway that's it from me, hopefully I'll have some LO's or something in the next few days hehe.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I really should update this thing

So yes I forgot about this place, my little area on the net lol. I'm slack, though Edleen reminds me often to post here.

So what have I been up to since I last posted in April?

1. I joined the gym ... I've been going there 6 days a week since I joined, I've already gotten a gift voucher off them for reaching 100 visits (committed much?). I've lost 17kg so far, and I want to loose another 13 at least, maybe more. I've made some really wonderful friends there, including my personal trainer, whom I should say I pay to be my friend :p but she tells me she loves me lol, so maybe it's not
cause I pay her money. I've also discovered this love for boxing, my PT teaches it (this is how I first spoke to her), and since then I've become addicted, I box 2-3 times a week, and I've become so much stronger, and I've learnt how to punch and kick properly *would be muggers watch out*.

2. I went back to school, well TAFE actually, I'm studying certificate 3 in Business Administration. I'm almost finished ahead of schedule, I have less than 5 units left to complete out of the 13. I've been going since July, and the course runs till December. I'm hoping to get a job after that, whilst I decide what I want to do with my life (cause as fun as it would be I can't sit at home all my life and just expect my DH to keep me lol).

3. I lost my mojo big time. I didn't scrap for so long, maybe 2-3 months *sigh*, only now is it starting to slowly creep back. I'm hoping it'll come back full force very very soon. I think though I need some new photos.

Anyways that's the 3 main points of my life since April, not really exciting.

Ramadan has started this last couple of days, and it's put me in reminiscence mode. This time last year I was dearly anticipating our trip to Singapore. I was soooo nervous about meeting my Father in Law, and step Mother in law for the first time. But at the same time I was so excited to meet them, and some people I had met over theinternet (including my husbands cousin). Needless to say my being nervous to meet my in-laws was unfounded, my father and step mother in law are two of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

I had the most wonderful time there, visiting people, eating (just cause all the food is so good), going doing the tourist thing. I definitely loved going to the pasar malam, and going scrapbook shopping with Edleen (and visiting her so often that my husband wondered what we were up to). I miss the late night eating with my husbands brother and his wife, and our 2am visit to the mustafa centre (after a long day in Johor Bahru lol), we came home to my FIL's to find both my husband and my BIL had forgetten their house keys.

This last few days I've been looking over my photos from the trip (there's over 1000 of them eekk lol). And all the memories just make me want to be there right now. Insha'Allah we will be able to go back soon, we are hoping in September or October next year, though to me it feels like a lifetime away.

So I'd better share some crafts that I've done lately since this is my scrapping blog lol. These are in no real order (though the first 2 are my latest creations).

I made these first two LO's these last 2 weeks or so, one is for my mother (she's on the right in the pic), the other is for her best friend of 27 years Jane.
Forever type of friends

Forever type of friends

Anak Bapak

All of the flowers

My Girl

Good times Singapore

My Great Uncle passed away a few months back, I altered these K and G for my great Aunty Gwen.


I altered this for my mum's friend Marion, she's like a mother to her.
Altered M

Well that's all for now, I'll *try* to come back soon lol.

Oh mine and Edleens little cosy scrapbooking forum is 6 months old tomorrow yay, I can't believe it's been 6 months already. the url is in my list of places, "scraps cafe, forum".

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm so bad.

I haven't updated this in like forever.

To tell the truth i'm very scrapped out at the moment. i lost my mojo he returned for like 2 hours then ran off again and hasn't been seen in over 2 weeks. I'm so going to push myself to finish a lo by friday night. <- it's a long weekend so I'll be home all day friday so sad can't do my usual friday lunch out and shopping.

So not much news, only I'm joining a gym insha'Allah tomorrow, I'll see how I like it first, way before signing a thing, cause i don't want to be stuck in a 12 month contract paying so much for a gym I don't want to attend.

So other day to day news in the life of me, i went to the gold coast today, to go shopping!! Always so much fun, first stop was of course harbor town, who can pass up a shopping centre filled with factory outlets, cheap cheap cheap. We bought a new frying pan and saucepan (tefal brand), DH got some new shirts and ties for work, and we got some placemats to give to DH's macik. we also bought some royal albert coasters, pretty darn spiffy :p Then we picked up some oven mits and teatowels. After that we went off to pacific fair, we didn't end up buying anything from there but was fun anyways. We also looked at laptops, DH is toying with the idea of buying me one. we'll see what happens with that, will probably end up being later this year.

Oh and we've decided on this road to fitness that I'm hoping to stick to, to buy a bike!! For now we're just gonna buy 1 bike to share (can tell we don't plan on riding at the same time lol)then if we use it often we'll then invest in a second one. It'll hopefully be good, and will give me a small amount of freedom on the weekends (I'll at the least be able to bike it over to my sisters house and collapse on her couch, or move my butt to the gym if i sign up). So here's hoping we'll use it often cause then i can get my own spiffy bike, since this first bike will be a mans bike.

But the main thought with having a bike is...will it suit me with my hijb on lol. Yeah all for the getting fit and going places and all I can think of is how silly will i look with a helmet over my hijab and my fat butt on a bike?

well thats all my thought for now lol. hopefully i'll be back by thursday with some LO's i've forgotten to add here, and with a whole new LO to show, cross your fingers people that I get creative!!


Friday, March 02, 2007

arg it's all gone

I have noooo creative juices what so ever. I have CS all cut and ready to go, I have the nice paper (still intact though lol) and i have a nice photo matted. But i just have no creativeness past there, I'm surprised i even figured out what cardstock to use and which colour cardstock to matt with lol. hopefully tomorrow I'll get into it and something will come to me.

Also today I'm somewhat distracted, I have sitting on my desk the latest Sims 2 expansion pack -> Seasons. It's great fun. But one thing that's peeving me heaps is that I have only 1 screen size option! 800x 600 which is making the control bar huge, I can't have both my aspirations, and how the sims doing on at the same time. But the whole having proper gardens growing fruit and vegies, and going fishing is awesome. along with making snow men and snow angels fun fun.

Anyway till tomorrow maybe hehe my sims are calling me lol.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

slack slack slack

^Thats me, with this blog. gah somedays I just can't get myself to write anything. i'm lucky though that I have a lovely cousin in law Edleen to remind me that this blog is here. Thanks Ed!! hehe.

So as always your gonna get a dump of pics lol.

This LO I did of my brothers and sisters and I, it took me ages to finish, even though it's so simple. Reason being is I wanted it to be nice, but the thing is my sisters and brothers don't talk to one another, sad really, I'm the only one who talks to everyone, my sis Jenny holds the record of only talking to me, and usually thats only when she wants something. So it's kinda sad to look at us here, so happy and young, and this was the times when we all got along, only 7 years after this photo was taken everything had changed. And has been changing since then.
We are family

OK so onto happier things. The photo is from January 16th, my mummies birthday, we took her to the park at Forest Lake (beautiful views of the lake). And had a picnic, with my sister Trisha, her other half Bobby and their kids. Then Zaly and Bobby played cricket with Terese and Kane, i eventually joined them, trust me it was a funny sight, me playing cricket. Kane played mostly as wicket keeper, I tell you now that boy has the stance perfected, he just forgets to try and catch the ball lol.

This is terese, I use her as my model, she doesn't care cause she loves to dress up in my tudungs, and she loves having her photo taken. I took these photos for a how to Tudung thing.l I like doing up instructions for stuff, so i wanted to show new muslims/new tudung wearers how to do different styles. I have the list up at muslimas oasis. So onto the LO, I knew the moment I had put the photos on the computer that I had to scrap them. So I had put up another list on the UYS thread at m4m, and Mich had challenged me to use AC paper and alpha stickers, 1 SEI journaling tage, 2 photos and K&Co glitter rub-ons. I saw these photos and I thought eh it'll go so well. So I made this only last night (ok I'll admit I was gonna do it another day as we had till the end of the month to complete, then I realised Feburary only has 28days and that there was 1 min left of feburary here, so i quickly whipped it up, and it worked so well). It may have been different if I'd have started it earlier.

These photos are from when we went to Sentosa island. I made this LO for the 2nd asian dare, I liked the way it turned out. It took me a week to come up with the title lol.
Love life

It was my sisters birthday on the 19th of February (Trisha is now 25!) So I made these 2 cards for her, 1 is from my parents, my mum requested I make a card from them. The 1st one is from my parents.
birthday card 1

This one is from Zaly and I.
birthday card 2

And last but not least I made these coasters. I'm gonna put a magnet on the back of each and slap them on the fridge. So I made these as part of an instruction i'm doing for an online magazine (I told ya I like doing these things). This is the link to the Mag <- go visit it, it's great full of information, Bedraya does a good job of putting it together each month or so.
Altered coasters

Well thats all for now, I'll try and update later, I want to get another LO done before i go pick Terese and Kane up from school (it's thursday I get to pretend i'm mum every thursday lol, the kids love it, all being picked up from school by me, and they love to say to people, this is my aunty she's muslim, whilst i try to hide lol).

Hope everyones having a good start to March! I still can't believe it's the 3rd month already.