Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Friday

:P well it's 2am that qualifies right?

So the dentist went well yesterday *alhumdulillah* I look like I have normal teeth again. I go back on the 2nd January to get the 2nd part of the root canal done. Thankfully I didn't get my back tooth removed, that will be done at a later date.

Oh I took a bunch of shots of the new plants, I will post tomorrow, it's to late now and I'm tired. I have to be up early, I'm taking the car to get new tires tomorrow so can post again in the morning with the photos.

Tonight we decided to move. Our next door neighbour is moving down south, so will be renting out his house. So hopefully tomorrow we can look again inside (Zaly saw tonight, but says I need to give my seal of approval), then Monday we will put the application in. Moving will be at the end of January, and will be a bigger increase in rent. But the house is much nicer than ours, and no need for removalists lol, it's just next door yay. So we just have to hope that he will accept us (and that no one else get's in before us).

Well that's it from me, will be back later with the flower pics.


Edleen said...

moving!!! *yayy* bigger space for scrapping eh? *wink*

Stephanie Mah said...

cant wait to see your new house.(:

any guest room?? "wink".