Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Friday

:P well it's 2am that qualifies right?

So the dentist went well yesterday *alhumdulillah* I look like I have normal teeth again. I go back on the 2nd January to get the 2nd part of the root canal done. Thankfully I didn't get my back tooth removed, that will be done at a later date.

Oh I took a bunch of shots of the new plants, I will post tomorrow, it's to late now and I'm tired. I have to be up early, I'm taking the car to get new tires tomorrow so can post again in the morning with the photos.

Tonight we decided to move. Our next door neighbour is moving down south, so will be renting out his house. So hopefully tomorrow we can look again inside (Zaly saw tonight, but says I need to give my seal of approval), then Monday we will put the application in. Moving will be at the end of January, and will be a bigger increase in rent. But the house is much nicer than ours, and no need for removalists lol, it's just next door yay. So we just have to hope that he will accept us (and that no one else get's in before us).

Well that's it from me, will be back later with the flower pics.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm feeling creative

hehe not a good sign for Zaly. I've been reading Jacq's blog, and I absolutely love her album covers, and especially her iPod nano covers. So I've decided to try it out myself and see if I can make these types of things myself. So today I went to Spotlight at Indooroopilly and picked up 2 nice *cheap* enough (lol that's the important part incase I suck at this lol) craft fabrics, and 2 fat flats. I got the cord too, not sure what I'ma do with that lol.

So I will see tomorrow or Thursday to give this my first shot.

I also picked up a little Christmas Hanger, from Kaisers Beyond the Page Range. It's so cute, I'm altering it for my mum for her Christmas decorations, I forgot though that I told mum I'd make 2, and I only grabbed 1, so hopefully on the way to the dentist tomorrow Zaly will let me stop and get another one. I also want to pick up some thin batting, which in my haste to get out of Spotlight as fast as possible I forgot to grab.

Today we went to K-mart, I had to pick up a layby for my mum and my sister, my sisters layby was her kids toys for christmas (lucky kids they're getting a bike each among heaps of other things). For mum it was the shadow boxes for the LO's I'm doing for christmas. I'm pretty pissed off though, I brought them home and went to insert the first two LO's and the boxes aren't 12 x 12 like it says it is. They're about 1cm off! I'm cranky, I could cut the LO's down (but I don't want to). So I'm thinking to return them, complain and then go find the boxes somewhere else. Only problem is that these were a lot cheaper (probably why they weren't the proper measurement), and I've only got till tuesday till I go away.

Oh we got some more flowers for the garden. Last week we started repotting things, this week we're adding flowers lol. I think maybe we're nuts, especially since we're not gardening people! But tomorrow I'll try to take photos when the flowers are planted, they're all pretty!

Well that's it from me, I need to get to bed *sigh* only 13 hours and 45 minutes till the dentist *eek*. Also tomorrow morning at 10.30 I've got to go take my sister to catch a train to the airport! She's going to mums house tomorrow (her, the hubby and the 2 children). My eldest sisters eldest son will be arriving at my parents on Thursday, then next Tuesday it is my turn to "arrive", with my 2nd brothers dughter in tow. Hopefully within 2 days of my arrival my 2nd brothers wife will arrive with their son, and closer to christmas day my 2 brothers will come with my eldest brothers fiancee. This is the closest to altogether for Christmas this family will get I feel, and the funniest part is I don't celebrate Chrsitmas anymore lol.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The things I run out of

I ran out of pink cardstock! And the annoying thing is I have mojo I really want to do this LO tonight, but without the CS how?? I need it. I had heaps and heaps of blues and green and especially browns, yet not 1 full piece of any shade of pink or even red. So tomorrow I have to convince my husband to allow me to go to the scrapbooking store to pick up some more, I don't think he'll understand the dilema, for him he'll think why not use a different paper, one that matches the CS you have, but I so want to use this paper (it's from the new Regal range from Sassafrass Lass, who wouldn't want to use it lol).

So I found this coaster in my cupboard the other night, it had the paper stuck to it, but it wasn't cut out (and obviously not decorated), so I finished it off, and decided to pass it on to my friends daughter. She's such a cutie, she's 6 years old, and whenever she sees me she yells out my name and will chat to me till my ear falls off lol. I hope she'll like it, I know she loved looking at the cheeseboard I gave her mum a few weeks back, so now she'll have her own little thing.

I actually haven't scrapped since my last post, I seem to come and go with the mojo (or maybe I'm just plan lazy lol, I think it's laziness). Tonight I'm going to start on the hanging keepsake for my mum, I wanted to do a hanging album, but do you think they had any left at spotlight? of course not. So I settled for the hanging keepsake which is like 3 times smaller, I have another one here, so I might make her 2 instead lol.

I also need to finish the last 2 LO's for her, but I think I might just take my scrapping goodies to her house and do them there, as I want 2 fresh photos of her and dad for the LO's. So I think I need to do some serious LO planning lol or I'll end up with all my supplies up there.

I also need to do some serious convincing with Zaly in the next week.

1. I'm leaving Tuesday next week for my parents house, I want to take my laptop with me, he doesn't think I need it up there. My parents do have 2 computers, but both of them use them a lot, and with the amount of people in the house this Christmas I doubt I'll get much time on there at all (and I'm a computer addict), my laptop is mine only, I don't allow others to even touch it, and only my dad knows the password (I am nice to my parents they can use it), and I can upload photos as I go along. He also seems to think that I'll let all and sundry play with the laptop (he forgets I'm extremely anal and won't let people play with my things).

2. I want to take the new camera with me, we got a canon ixus 70 the other week for free, it's also essentially my camera, it came free with my phone :p yet again he thinks it's not needed, that I should use out fuji camera. I'm kinda getting sick of the fuji, the photos aren't coming out as clear (it's getting old), and the canon seems to take nicer pics (considering the MP are twice that of the fuji it's no wonder), and I want some lovely clear pics to scrap of christmas. The fuji does have better options, but I don't want to be printing out partially pixilated photos.

3. I want to buy protein powder this week, not when I get back from my parents. This one is all me being *I want it yesterday* but I do think it would be of some benefit to be having this over the Christmas period, as I'm not exercising as much and I want to retain the muscle I've built. I think he doesn't want to have to pay for it first lol, cause it's over $100 for the container.

So that's my suck up list, and I think I'm going to play dirty to get #1 & 2 my way. See what happens lol. Though my mum and sister both suggested I hide the laptop in my bag :D silly ladies they are (pity the laptop sits on the desk or else I would, but I don't see him not noticing that one lol, or when I go through security at the airport taking it out of my bag lol).

Hehe I think tonight I might get my bag out and start putting the things I'm taking aside. Also need to send a RAK to UAE this week, so I don't forget it next week. My flight leaves at 1.55pm, and I have to be there at 1pm to meet my Niece Destiny who is flying up with me, and the morning I have PT.

On other things I'm on the count down to for my root canal and tooth extraction, it's on Wednesday afternoon eek, I'm really scared as always, though I'm not so bad about the root canal anymore. My friend Kasey is a dental assistant and she showed me and talked through everything they do in a root canal, which made me feel a tonne better.

OK well I think I've rambled enough.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Sorry, I forgot again ...

So I as always forgot to update this thing lol. Will try to fill in as much as possible hehe.

Today was my last day of TAFE *yay* well officially it's Thursday! But I've finished everything *Alhumdulillah* and don't have to go back. I will admit in hindsight if I had've applied myself more I would've finished about a month ago, but I'll just be happy with the fact that I've finished, and a promise that I hope I won't break to be more focused on my studies next semester. I'll be getting my pretty certificate hopefully in January! It was wonderful to see that large list of J's (passes). I took 13 units. Next year I am thinking to study Information Technology, I'm looking to see for a flexi course again, as I don't want to be stuck going everyday, as I need DH time, and I want to be able to go ahead if I can.

Onto other things here are my latest LO's:

This one I did for
{Create} Make it happen for their November challenge "me in 2007" I won a RAK for it *yay* Thanks ladies!!

For December at Are you feeling Groovie and Groovie Scraps Cafe us Admin and Mods are the guest designers for this months challenge :) Hope you'll join in the fun.

The challenge from us is:
3 Patterned Papers
Fabric for Texture
Chipboard shape

This is my take:

And cause I'm just so darn fast here is my take for {Create} Make it happen for thier December challenge "Thankful"

I am thankful for my parents *love* they are two people in this life I couldn't be without, they accept me as me, and never once have questioned my judgement on anything. Especially when as a fresh faced 18/19 year old I met my husband, changed religions and got married all in the span of 3 months. They respect that we need to make choices in our lives for ourselves, if we make a mistake they will be there for support and to help us recover. If we ever need help they are the ones we lean on, if we want advice they will be there to give it. I feel blessed to have them in my life.

With the last 2 Layout's I'm killing 2 birds with one stone hehe. My mum wanted me to make 4 Layouts of them (my parents) to give to my bothers and sisters for christmas presents. So thought well should do the pics for challenges whilst I'm at it :)

Oh and last but not least I made this card, it will most likely go to my mum for her birthday next month.

In two weeks time I am back to my parents house for holidays, I'll be there from the 18th till the 1st January. I'm soooo excited. Tomorrow I'm going to this shopping centre on the other side of the city and I'm going to buy some things to alter for them :) it'll be a long hanging album so they can hang pictures of all their grandchildren on the wall. I also want to get these christmas tree things to alter for them. I'm sure they will absolutely love them. hmm hope my mum doesn't come read my blog lol.

Am hoping to that there will be these butterflies left that I had gotten before, the store I brought them from originally doesn't have set products, it's always changing, so you have to buy things you like when you see them. Last time I only brought the pack of white (10 for $2.50) so if they have all 3 colours (they had pink and blue as well) I will buy those 2 packets as well. Oh and I want to get some more Kaiser bling hehe. Loving Kaiser things at the moment.

Oh Edleen got my package, I sent her some Pink Wish Tim Tams for her birthday, along with a card from the Groovie mods and a small RAK for her and Steph. Included was my Groovie secret girlfriend gift, so glad to have had that out of the way, and safely in Singapore already. I'll share the photo of what I made on the 16th (when they all get handed out).

Anyways that's all from me, don't really have anything else to share. Hope you all had a great day :)