Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my 24th Birthday. We're not doing anything. And I've already had the only 2 gifts I'm getting for a few weeks (a photo printer, and my tragus piercing). :)

I'm pretty pissed off with DH work, today is a public holiday and they've not only changed his shift, he's doing a double shift, which means this will be 3 days running he's worked from early morning till late night! Last night he finished work after 1am, he was back again for an 11am start. The other manager is going home at 5, and his last shift was an afternoon/evening shift on saturday. So basically DH is overworked, won't get extra pay for it, and he can't even eat a meal with me on my birthday, cause he probably won't be home till midnight.

Anyway enough moaning, here is the LO I made last night, it's Kane (8), Kaleb (3) and I playing with the camera at my parents house. The boys are both so easy to photograph.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I sewed again

This time I made a pen roll to hold some of my scrapbooking pens. I love this fabric I used, it's poplin, I can't remember the name though. The backing is plain craft material for quilting. I'm so happy my sewing is improving already *yay*

So here is the close up of the pockets, and material:

With the pens in it:

And all rolled up and tied up with the ribbon:

The pattern is the same as for the crayon roll, I just altered slightly to accommodate the taller pens. These things are great for practice, but I think I need to look for something else to make, bored to make this again already.

On Friday we went to the Queensland Museum at SouthBank (Mum, my sister her other half and kids, and a friend and her 2 kids). It was so much fun, and free to. Under it is the Science Centre, hopefully one day I will go look at it, though you have to pay for it. Anyway, the Museum is so interesting, to see all those old things, especially the old days cars, and things fire fighters used to use (I must say I'm glad I wasn't one back in the day, it's all man power). I also saw the most awesome sewing machine, it's from 1867! Very beautiful antique.

I really envy anyone that has the talent to use this type of machine!
So after the Museum we wondered over to the lagoon area of SouthBank, and had a picnic lunch followed by ice-cream at Cold Rock. Then the kids and my sister etc went for a swim. Mum and I laid around for a while before heading home. It was a fun day, can't wait to do it again.
Anyways I need to shove off, I'm almost finished a LO and I need to get to bed. It's my birthday tomorrow and I have to be up early for gym (oh joy, but it's a public holiday and they're only open 6am - 11am! I so wish they'd open in the afternoon instead).
Night all, will try to share my LO tomorrow.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Silly LO

There it is hehe. It's tongue in cheek, I'm not serious. I'm thinking to add some more embellishments to the LO though.

Anyways that is my quick post, tomorrow I have to wake up early we are going to the museum at SouthBank, in the morning eekk lol. I will try to take heaps of photos *yay*

Anyways night ya'll.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Not much happening

I did some scrapping tonight for {create}'s January challenge, I will show it tomorrow, it's just a silly LO hehe.

Onto other things, I decided this morning that I will study cert 2 in Information Technology, then next semester I will study either cert 4 in Business Administration, or cert 3 in Business (Legal Administration) regardless of which one I do it'll be by distance ed. The campus I go to doesn't offer either of those 2 courses, and I can't get out to the other campuses it's way to far to travel everyday (I'm talking lots of bus and train changes, and it'll take well over an hours travel to reach there). I'm glad to have finally made up my mind with what I'm doing, and I will apply for the course next week *god willing*.

So I went shopping today, got a few more scrapping supplies, some more materials for sewing. I also got a great deal on a dress from Target, was $50 marked down to only $6! So I sprung and grabbed it, I got a size 12, and prayed it would fit, I didn't feel like trying it on, and it did alhumdulillah. I don't remember ever fitting into size 12 in Hot Options *yay*.

I whipped into Myer about 50 times as well, there is this beautiful dress by Tokito (I think that's the brand) it's in the Miss Shop area, they have it marked down to $60 with 25% off the price, spewing though I saw it on Sunday at 50% off but couldn't get a hold of DH to ask if I could buy it. So I'm biding my time hoping they'll bring it back to 50% off again (I know cheapskate right, but I don't want to spend so much for a dress to be worn only at home). Anyways in a way I'm glad I didn't buy it Sunday, because I tried on the 14, fits beautifully etc, but today I thought hmm I'll try on the 12, and it fitted me as well! So I'm hoping to get it and in the 12 instead. I love the feeling of fitting into such small sizes in the Miss Shop area hehe.

Anyways not much else happening (though my brothers girlfriend is causing even worse trouble, every flippin day! I'm the only one she hasn't been able to slander yet, and that's just cause I refused to associate with her from the start (including I have refused for the last 2 years to allow my brother to have any of my phone numbers, very smart move on my part). *God willing* she will stop all her rubbish soon, though some of the accusations are becoming to much.

Anyways I will try to come back tomorrow with my silly LO.

Monday, January 21, 2008

sewing eeeeeee *happy dance*

So last night I made my very first sewing project *yay* It's a crayon roll! hehe no I don't play with crayons and I don't really have a neice at that crayon age. I dunno what I'll use it for, I just really wanted the practice. So I got the tutorial from Here -> Skip to my lou . It was really easy to do till I got to the ribbon part lol, that was disasterous, my sewing machine is no where near the computer and I was being stupid not going back to check how it is done. 3 tries later and I figured it out. Only other problem then was the top stitch, google helped there.

All rolled up:

So I thought I'd share some things I've been doing in my absence (and one day I will share the flower pics, they've grown, I need to take update photos).
This LO here I made last week for my mum, it's part of her birthday present. The 3 lovely ladies are my SIL Mel, then me and the right one is my sister Trisha. She loves the LO *smiles* though she loves even my crappy LO's hehe.

This is mum's birthday card, her birthday was on the 16th.

These are the cards I made for Kaleb (3) and Kane (8) for their birthdays which were at the end of last month (Kanes 25th, Kaleb 29th).

This LO I made for a scraplift challenge I'm hosting over at Groovie Scraps Cafe, the idea was to scrap lift yourself. I lifted my LO "We share" (it's posted on here some where sorry can't be bothered posting it again.)

This was my mums Eid gift from Zaly and I. Well it's sort of for dad to, though we gave him a box box of M&M's his favourite. They both loved it. The 3 hanging parts are bare, they need to put photos there themselves, and I made it so they can easily change the photos over when they have new ones. All the 14 Grandchildrens names are on there. When they have more, I might need to make a 2nd one lol, it's already to crowded.

This was the LO I made for my parents to give my eldest sister Jennifer for christmas. I'm so slack that I made it the day before mum was going to stop and see her lol.

This one was made for my brother Jason. I worry a bit cause his girlfriend is causing problems and threats, and he is not telling her to stop. And I just worry they will destroy the LO or throw it out (hehe no I'm not so happy with him to care right now if he does the right thing by our parents, just as long as the LO is safe).

So that's all the projects (I think).

I have to decide really soon what course I will be studying this year, TAFE starts back in about 2 or 3 weeks and I'm so undecided. I will start looking this week sometime.

Oh some great news forum wise, I was made an Admin on Muslimas Oasis a couple of days ago. It means more responsability, and I hope I am up to it. I've also started a 10 week weight loss challenge on there. I want to get back into the weight loss and get at least another 6kgs off, and figured this would be great for the motivation, and I love helping others to get there to. I'm going to try finding some great info to post so they are all learning along the way, and are hopefully really motivated by what they read.

ooo And 2 weeks ago I got a new piercing *yay* it's in my tragus (the little flap on your ear), it's healing well, but my sister sad it still looks scabby, and it's annoying not being able to lay on my left side till it heals. But I'm loving it heaps.

Nothing else much is happening really. I think I might go do some more crafting hehe.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Since I said I would

I'm tired and about to go to bed (I think I'm giving Zaly the shits cause I don't feel like doing anything like paying bills online at midnight when I'm tired). So thought I would quickly share this LO I did today of Trisha and I. It's for Stephanies online crop she's hosting at Groovie Scraps Cafe.

Night *yawn*

Thursday, January 17, 2008

slack slack slack

I promise tomorrow I will blog *Ed will be happy*.