Monday, December 25, 2006

Be prepared for a picture flood lol.

First off today is a christmas decoration i made for my sister and her kids. Insha'Allah next year I'm going to make her a bunch hehe, cause I had fun with this, and it gives me a reason to buy the really christmasy papers at the lss.

Christmas decoration

Star 1

Star 2

Star 3

Next is my LO that bought my mojo back lol. Cantik - Senyum Manis (Beatiful - Sweet smiles in english lol) The 3 beautiful girls are my 2 sister in laws Annie (on the left) and Halmiah, and the lil one is Halimahs 5 yr old daughter Erika.


And this LO is of my husband on the left and his brother at Singapore Zoo. It was funny, they wanted to se how they measured up to the polar bears being asian, I knew they wouldn't have a chance lol. It was a fun day for us. I really haven't done many lo's of men, so was very happy with what I did with it.

Tall enough?

And last but not least a birthday card i made for my nephew Kane, the cutie turned 7 today (christmas day boy he is). He really liked the card, pity his mum accidently spilt coke on it 10 mins later lol. But it's still intact yay.

Birthday Card.


I keep forgetting

i'll insha'allah be on tomorrow (today since it's after midnight) to update my LO's and a card i made. I finally seem to be getting back into it these last 3 days yay.

Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm so lazy

I keep forgetting to update in here.

Anyways scrapping wise I'm also lazy, I've had the 1 LO sitting on my table ready to go for a week, I just can't bring myself to finish it bahhhh.

My nephew is visiting at the moment, he's 11, and since it's christmas holidays we thought we'd let him stay (plus his mums moving house, so much easier with less kids in tow). Should be here for a few weeks. I swear this boy is like the games king, and i stupidly introduced him to playing the sims 2 on the computer, he loves it so much that I only get a few mins a day on here. Though you'd think with less time on the computer I'd get more scrapping done. lol.

On Friday my dad is coming to stay for a few days (insha'allah) I just have to break the news to the husband that I have to pick him up from way over the other side of town (I mean way far about 1 and a half hours drive). Hopefully DH won't say anything even though the car isn't fixed yet, just cause my dads going to be doing a lot for us the few days he's here, plus he'll be coming to help us move when we finally find another place. So I'm all for just biting the tongue and picking him up. And well dad will also be picking up my other nephew (brother of the one who is already here) nephew #2 is arriving here on Wednesday, and staying here till my dad goes home, he'll be staying with my parents for the holidays.

All in all I think I'm going to have an interesting few weeks. And perhaps I should get back to my scrapping.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I have a headache

And it's not the take some Panadol and it'll go away type either.

So yesterday my husband and I took the car to the mechanic (as it was servicing time). That’s all good, told the mechanic that we're hearing a whirring noise (also sometimes making funny noise when turning right), mechanic says maybe a ball bearing, not hard to change, nor expensive. So we wonder off to the shops for a spot of boredom filling shopping. On the way there, i convinced husband to stop off at the scrap booking store. 1st bugger for the day, it's closed, the owners are on holidays then they'll be renovating the store, will be open sometime in the new year. 2nd bugger, get a call about 2 hours after we left the mechanics, car has major problems. Bad news was the power steering high pressure hose was buggered, which is why it was making a whirring noise. Also the radiator , water pump and steering rack is leaking. We need to replace the air filter (thankfully that’s cheap), and the fan belt, front brakes <- knew that, a tyre, another cheapy is the wiper blades need replacing. All up including the service we had done yesterday it’s going to cost $2000 eek. So we got the service done, and the power steering hose. The good news though, is the ball bearing are fine lol.

The annoying thing is that my husband and myself were saving to have a embryo transfer end of next month (we’re doing IVF) and well that’s now going to be cancelled till another 4 months whilst we save to fix the car.L not happy at all.

On other news, I forgot to convince husband to stop at another scrapping store, so will just have to make do (bugger) till we go near another one. I think he’s still trying to get over the shock from the car.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I cleaned the table

I swear it was about 6 inches deep in scrapping things. I actually think there wasn't anything left in the area i store all the stuff.

All up took me about 30 minutes to complete. I decided to split up my chipboard alphas into different ziplock bags (5 letter groups in each bag), I also have put all my alpha stickers onto a ring binder. And sticker sheets are also on a ring binder. Makes it easier to access (and stops me from forgetting that I've bought them.)

Anyways so tomorrow we're getting our car serviced and will most likely be getting the brakes changed. We're trying to be really good with this car, we treated our last car so bad (no dingles, but mechanically wasn't good). So we're trying to make sure we drive good, and do all the schedualed services. Now the good thing is just down the road from where the service centre is, is a scrapbooking store lol. So all I have to do is convince DH to let us call in there when we walk to the shopping centre (cause of course there is nothing like shopping when waiting for your car to be serviced).

I want to try and get a mini album, because this months challenges for m4m includes a mini album. Now I know that cause I won last months rak I won't win this years, but i figure why not try the challenge anyway. The mini album is to celebrate 2006, the other challenge is inspired by an ad. So we have to use an ad to inspire our LO, the ad is a pic of a chandeller. (I might link it when/if I do the LO).

So today I've been doing not much, I slept till 1pm, (for a monday this is early lol, DH starts work at 4.30pm mondays so likes to sleep late, plus sundays he works all day -10.30am till after midnight). So after getting up, and dressed, I went into my mini cleaning frenzy, the table, kitchen, bits and pieces here and there. Eventually DH left for work, and I pottered around thinking what to do. Eventually I played the sims 2 for a bit, I'm getting my sims through UNI at the moment, and gee it takes forever. I have 4 active sims in the one house eek, trouble lol. I'm waiting for a sale to buy the sims 2 pets, and holiday fun stuff. That or DH said he'll get his brother to send them both over from Singapore (they're both cheaper there, esp the holiday fun stuff) So hopefully i can get them soon, cause i want pets, and some christmas holiday things going for my sims lol.

Anyways thats all from me, got to go find something else to do.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My first Door Hanger!!

I made my first door hanger today. I titled it Love, I'm not so sure if your actually supposed to have a title for altered things, but oh well. I'm still learning, so there.


Now that I've made one, I have to say I have no idea where to put it??? I realise as a door hanger it should go on the door, but what if it gets wrecked? Can you tell I'm a stress head?

Must say I'm loveing altering things.

Well Now I'd better get off to cleaning up the dining room table, my husband has mentioned to me about 5 times in the last few days that i really should clean up the scrapping things when I'm finished, since he would like to be able to eat there at least once in his life.

Friday, December 01, 2006

For the Singapore Album

I've decided to make a singapore album, 12 x 12 size, I still have to buy a nice album for it, but I've started the pages. I also did these for a challenge, a scrap lift one. They are scraplifts from Erin, Marygrace, and Ashley calder at two peas.


This one is Family, it's my husband with his 2 sisters Halimah and Annie, and their Nenek (grandmother). I love this photo, esp since we don't live in Singapore, and my husbands 2 sisters hardly see one another.

Extended Family

Extended Family is just that a pic of our extended family, there were my parents, my husbands aunt, and 2 uncles, his nenek and her husband, cousins, and their children. So many family members. It's what Hari Raya (eid) is all about - Family. You go visiting, being force fed food you can't fit in, kuai (sweets) you can't wait to see the last of till next year, and seeing family members you haven't seen since last Hari raya. It's a tiring type of fun.

Sister in law

Sister in law, I really had no idea what to name this LO! But well it is what it is, it's a pic of myself with my SIL Halimah. She's gorgeous, and has 3 beautiful children. We got along very well, though her english is not the best, it made the conversations more fun. Plus we are very much alike, we even sleep at the same times, we also both love chicken chop <- some wierd chicken thing, touted as western food at hawker centers. Oh and both thoroughly addicted to iced milo yum, which is so much easier to buy ready made in singapore!

On a side note, these LO's were done for the monthly challenge, over at M4M. And i won the RAK prize for the month, so I now have a bunch of Prima flowers, and chipboards headed my way curtosy of Sri Sams.

For my nieces

I made these 2 daisy coasters for my nieces Amelia and Camryn. The coasters are from Spotlight, very cheap. The paper for Amelias is "sisters" Bohemia, from All my memories, Camryns are from chatterbox. Took for ages to make, mainly because I've never done this before, and i was so worried i would stuff it up, but 'm happy with the result.

Monday, November 20, 2006

2 LO's


These are 2 of my LO's I've done recently. One titled Ed & Stef is of myself with my husbands cousin Edleen. It's very simple and i had a lot of trouble with it, mainly because it's 6x6 and it was the first I'd ever made. Perhaps I might add something to it sometime soon, when I can think of what to put in it.

The other "Family ties" is of myself and my husbands youngest sister Halimah, it's part of a 2 page LO, that I haven't finished the 2nd page to yet (no insperation lol). I love the look of this LO, and I had more sucess at this than I did with my 1st 6x6 LO. Posted by Picasa

My nieces birthday card


I made this card for my niece (my sisters daughter). She turned 10 on Saturday (18th), We bought her a Roald Dahl book The BFG, and we got her a jewlery box when we were in Singapore, a lovely dark read one with flowers on it.

So to the card, the paper effect is called Iris folding (Iris because of the centre part, which is similar ot the iris of our eyes). It took near 4 hours to make, and I was very glad to have finished it. This is only my 2nd birthday card I've made, and i hope I can try making more, only thing is I find it very difficult to find ideas for making cards.

Anyway thats my card, I'll bbl to post some LO's. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm back.

I've been away, in Singapore to be exact. I had no internet whilst I was there :( (I really need to get myself a laptop!!).

Whilst there I went and did lots of scrapbook shopping. Mainly with my husbands Cousin (Ed - see her blog Java Umie, it's in my links.) First Friday we were there we went to Made With Love at Plaza Singapura I absolutely love this shop, it's really groovy the way it's set up, and it has a cafe (I didn't get to try it out though). The very next day we (Ed and I) went to an open house for The Velvet Cat It was so much fun.

I have never bought so much scrapbooking things in my life!!! I even went to Popular (book and stationary store) in both Singapore and Malaysia, and brought so many pens, and clips. I also got storage containers at Johor Popular.

Anyway the trip was great, and after 3 weeks there, I want to move there. And I can't wait till we go back in 2 years time. Oh and my husbands family are awesome, I esp love his dad and step mum.

ps. I'm going to try and be better at updating this thing.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Finally completed.

I finally completed the last challenge set by The Velvet Cat This challenge was to scrap a mini book of yourself. I had no idea how to do it, and it had to be binded. I've never done a mini book, so it was a huge challenge for me. I also had no idea what to put in it. So finally I've finished it and am so glad that it's over, was such good practice, and when i get better at scrapbooking, I may add to it.

On page 6 I've written in lead pencil what I want to achieve in the next few years. And page 3 is little tid bits about me as a child.

I've decided that I'm never doing a challenge during the day when I'm fasting. I find it hard to concentrate, so from now on challenges during ramadan are only being done after I've opened fast.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The 1st LO

This is the 1st LO I ever completed, can see the wrong things, like putting the white sticker in the top right had corner.

  Posted by Picasa

The Cats

2 LO's of my cats, Mindy, Kucing and Cinta. They are the most spoiled cats ever. and oh so cute.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sisters LO


This LO I did for the m4m challenge, the 3 gorgeous girls are my eldest sisters daughters - Amelia (eldest), Camryn, and then baby Ashlee. Had to have at least - 4 photos, 5 cloth things, 8 fonts, and 10 pieces of patterned paper. Also no more than 1 card stock, 2 flowers, and 3 pieces of chipboard. It made requirement, but I'm not happy with it, I'm not used to making so cluttered lol, and i couldn't get the pics close together in a way that I liked. But oh well it's done and I'm just glad I finished it.

I hope the next challenge isn't as hard. Winner is drawn on Sunday and last challenge is announced on monday. Hopefully I'll have enough scrap material on home, cause I don't want to have to go shopping for the next 3 weeks since I'm going to singapore and I'm splurging on things whilst I'm there. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 18, 2006

Some more LO's


This one I love the papers I used, but I don't like the Loves's being over the paper design, I thought it was a good idea at the time. I think if I try to do it again, I'd put the photos over the bloom paper and the love's over the scroll paper, or solid light blue paper. Other than that I love the dark blue cardstock colour.

Oh this was my 5th or 6th LO I made i think was when i just started. Posted by Picasa

This next LO is of my dad holding my eldest sisters youngest child. I only made this on saturday night. It's quite a sweet photo, my dad loves his grandkids esp when they're babies.

Some of my pages.

So I thought I'd post some of my LO's.

I'm also doing my first challenge on m4m, it's 4 challenges for each monday in september, each must be submitted by the following sunday. First week was journalling - I missed the deadline because of internet issues. Last week was scraplift challenge, to scraplift part of LO from the hambly DT LO's I did this LO of Myra she is the daughter of someone I hope to become good friends with insha'allah.

This LO is of my parents. The journaling is from the Quran ayah 17:23 and reads: ...and do good unto thy parents. Should one of them, or both, attain to old age in thy care, never say ugh to them or scold them, but always speak unto them with reverent speech, and spread over them humbly the wings of thy tenderness and say: O my Sustainer. Bestow thy grace upon them, even as they cherished and reared me when I was a child.

I'll bbl to post more LO's.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Thought I'd take the plunge ...

And open my own blog.

Hoping to be able to see myself on screen how I'm developing in the world of scrapbooking. My newest hobby of the last 2+ months. I probably won't post as much as I should, mainly cause i'm forgetful, and also because I won't always have something to say.

But if you read it then hats off to you.