Monday, December 04, 2006

I cleaned the table

I swear it was about 6 inches deep in scrapping things. I actually think there wasn't anything left in the area i store all the stuff.

All up took me about 30 minutes to complete. I decided to split up my chipboard alphas into different ziplock bags (5 letter groups in each bag), I also have put all my alpha stickers onto a ring binder. And sticker sheets are also on a ring binder. Makes it easier to access (and stops me from forgetting that I've bought them.)

Anyways so tomorrow we're getting our car serviced and will most likely be getting the brakes changed. We're trying to be really good with this car, we treated our last car so bad (no dingles, but mechanically wasn't good). So we're trying to make sure we drive good, and do all the schedualed services. Now the good thing is just down the road from where the service centre is, is a scrapbooking store lol. So all I have to do is convince DH to let us call in there when we walk to the shopping centre (cause of course there is nothing like shopping when waiting for your car to be serviced).

I want to try and get a mini album, because this months challenges for m4m includes a mini album. Now I know that cause I won last months rak I won't win this years, but i figure why not try the challenge anyway. The mini album is to celebrate 2006, the other challenge is inspired by an ad. So we have to use an ad to inspire our LO, the ad is a pic of a chandeller. (I might link it when/if I do the LO).

So today I've been doing not much, I slept till 1pm, (for a monday this is early lol, DH starts work at 4.30pm mondays so likes to sleep late, plus sundays he works all day -10.30am till after midnight). So after getting up, and dressed, I went into my mini cleaning frenzy, the table, kitchen, bits and pieces here and there. Eventually DH left for work, and I pottered around thinking what to do. Eventually I played the sims 2 for a bit, I'm getting my sims through UNI at the moment, and gee it takes forever. I have 4 active sims in the one house eek, trouble lol. I'm waiting for a sale to buy the sims 2 pets, and holiday fun stuff. That or DH said he'll get his brother to send them both over from Singapore (they're both cheaper there, esp the holiday fun stuff) So hopefully i can get them soon, cause i want pets, and some christmas holiday things going for my sims lol.

Anyways thats all from me, got to go find something else to do.

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