Friday, December 01, 2006

For the Singapore Album

I've decided to make a singapore album, 12 x 12 size, I still have to buy a nice album for it, but I've started the pages. I also did these for a challenge, a scrap lift one. They are scraplifts from Erin, Marygrace, and Ashley calder at two peas.


This one is Family, it's my husband with his 2 sisters Halimah and Annie, and their Nenek (grandmother). I love this photo, esp since we don't live in Singapore, and my husbands 2 sisters hardly see one another.

Extended Family

Extended Family is just that a pic of our extended family, there were my parents, my husbands aunt, and 2 uncles, his nenek and her husband, cousins, and their children. So many family members. It's what Hari Raya (eid) is all about - Family. You go visiting, being force fed food you can't fit in, kuai (sweets) you can't wait to see the last of till next year, and seeing family members you haven't seen since last Hari raya. It's a tiring type of fun.

Sister in law

Sister in law, I really had no idea what to name this LO! But well it is what it is, it's a pic of myself with my SIL Halimah. She's gorgeous, and has 3 beautiful children. We got along very well, though her english is not the best, it made the conversations more fun. Plus we are very much alike, we even sleep at the same times, we also both love chicken chop <- some wierd chicken thing, touted as western food at hawker centers. Oh and both thoroughly addicted to iced milo yum, which is so much easier to buy ready made in singapore!

On a side note, these LO's were done for the monthly challenge, over at M4M. And i won the RAK prize for the month, so I now have a bunch of Prima flowers, and chipboards headed my way curtosy of Sri Sams.

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