Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I have a headache

And it's not the take some Panadol and it'll go away type either.

So yesterday my husband and I took the car to the mechanic (as it was servicing time). That’s all good, told the mechanic that we're hearing a whirring noise (also sometimes making funny noise when turning right), mechanic says maybe a ball bearing, not hard to change, nor expensive. So we wonder off to the shops for a spot of boredom filling shopping. On the way there, i convinced husband to stop off at the scrap booking store. 1st bugger for the day, it's closed, the owners are on holidays then they'll be renovating the store, will be open sometime in the new year. 2nd bugger, get a call about 2 hours after we left the mechanics, car has major problems. Bad news was the power steering high pressure hose was buggered, which is why it was making a whirring noise. Also the radiator , water pump and steering rack is leaking. We need to replace the air filter (thankfully that’s cheap), and the fan belt, front brakes <- knew that, a tyre, another cheapy is the wiper blades need replacing. All up including the service we had done yesterday it’s going to cost $2000 eek. So we got the service done, and the power steering hose. The good news though, is the ball bearing are fine lol.

The annoying thing is that my husband and myself were saving to have a embryo transfer end of next month (we’re doing IVF) and well that’s now going to be cancelled till another 4 months whilst we save to fix the car.L not happy at all.

On other news, I forgot to convince husband to stop at another scrapping store, so will just have to make do (bugger) till we go near another one. I think he’s still trying to get over the shock from the car.

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