Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm so lazy

I keep forgetting to update in here.

Anyways scrapping wise I'm also lazy, I've had the 1 LO sitting on my table ready to go for a week, I just can't bring myself to finish it bahhhh.

My nephew is visiting at the moment, he's 11, and since it's christmas holidays we thought we'd let him stay (plus his mums moving house, so much easier with less kids in tow). Should be here for a few weeks. I swear this boy is like the games king, and i stupidly introduced him to playing the sims 2 on the computer, he loves it so much that I only get a few mins a day on here. Though you'd think with less time on the computer I'd get more scrapping done. lol.

On Friday my dad is coming to stay for a few days (insha'allah) I just have to break the news to the husband that I have to pick him up from way over the other side of town (I mean way far about 1 and a half hours drive). Hopefully DH won't say anything even though the car isn't fixed yet, just cause my dads going to be doing a lot for us the few days he's here, plus he'll be coming to help us move when we finally find another place. So I'm all for just biting the tongue and picking him up. And well dad will also be picking up my other nephew (brother of the one who is already here) nephew #2 is arriving here on Wednesday, and staying here till my dad goes home, he'll be staying with my parents for the holidays.

All in all I think I'm going to have an interesting few weeks. And perhaps I should get back to my scrapping.

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julianna said...

Awww! that's the fun of a blog though, it's there when you need it and can wait when you don't!