Sunday, April 11, 2010

So what's up

I take no responsibility for people falling off their chairs when they realise I updated (I'm looking at you Ed & Texan in UAE ).

I've got nothing much to report, I swear life here is boring, and it's been to long to bore you all with my last whole year of not being on my blog lol.

So recent updates hmmm ...

I'm looking for work (there that's an update lol) it's really not going so well, I've been looking since october and I've had the grand total of 1 interview, which obviously didn't result in work. But I'm not giving up yet, though I may have if it wasn't for some great friends spurring me on, and brain storming for ideas on courses etc to improve myself, alhumdulillah for them.

My scrapbooking is really on the back burner, which is bad bad bad. I want to make things, and I just have no inspiration. I'm gonna just force myself to do somethings, cause this is getting ridiculous. I think I'll go to my back up for mojo making, I'll do some bookmarks :p always a good start. Maybe tomorrow, someone remind me yeah lol.

So tonight (just to change subjects here) we went for dinner, poor DH made the mistake last week of saying those magic words "You choose anywhere you want to eat and I'll take you there". Poor him, he didn't really want Italian, since where he works has Italian foods. But i had heard about Vapiano and wanted to give it a try. I loved it, I had Pomodoro E Mozzarella, the husband had Arrabbiata and we shared a Magherita pizza. We couldn't finish the meal, we were both so full, but it was good. I love the way to that you can watch your meal being cooked.

Afterwards we went to the husbands work place (he's a restaurant manager), he wanted to check in, like all weird people who work to much, he's on 4 days off, so of course he feels a bit strange not being there. I had a cappuccino, cause I was dying of a lack of caffeine. When I sat down I looked over and spotted little pink cupcakes on the counter, so of course I had to have one. once it came I whipped out the phone and snapped a pic for Texan, cause she loves pink, and she was the first person I thought of when I saw the cupcakes. My Dh told me he thought I was strange when I told him the pic was for her.

Texan's cupcake, it's cute right????

That spoon is a teaspoon, so it's an itty bitty cupcake, good for us girls (aka me) who shouldn't be eating sweets after the ginormous amount of chocolate they (aka I) inhaled over the last 6 days.

oooo and the food aside, I got my eyes tested yesterday, FINALLY, it only took 4 years of me thinking about it, and well knowing it had to be done when i couldn't read the menu boards on the walls at Gloria Jeans and the like. So I'm getting glasses, for driving and other distance related things (like reading sign boards when deciding how I want my caffeine hit). I must say I do rock glasses, I'm wishing I'd done this sooner. I chose out a nice pair of DKNY frames, black with some subtle pink bits :p hard to explain. Will post a pic once I get them, which I do hope is soon, I think my sister is counting the days till she no longer has to read menu's out to me at the shopping centre food courts.

Anywho I'll try to not be a stranger ... must update profile pic to.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's been a while

I always tell myself maybe 4-5 times a week to get on here, but always seem to forget or get to lazy to post.

So what have i been up to since november? not much, that's my life right there, totally nothing, boring, boring, boring. Zaly has finally in the last 2 weeks gotten rotating shifts, it's been good since he's had days off over the weekend. it's been about 4 years since he's had a rostered weekend off, so we've been enjoying the time.

I'm getting back into my scraping more lately to, which is great. I've also gotten some massive bug for making bookmarks, I am giving them away to family and friends left right and centre. Thankfully a lot of my family and friends are avid readers, those who aren't, I hope they'll start, cause reading is such fun.

Anyways so for the onslaught of pics.

I made these both for Zaly:
Altered Z

I'm starting to go through all my pictures from our trip back to Singapore last year, i want to finally make an album of it (both a mini album and some LO's).

This LO is from when Ed, Kristy, my mum and I went to Jalan Kayu for makan. The pic was taken by my mum, she's getting much better wielding a camera.
Good Times

And all the bookmarks I've been making.

A few weeks ago it was a friends daughters birthday. She turned 4 and had a fairy party, so I made her this card:
Steph's card

Till next time :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

This weekend ...

I'm going to TRY my hardest to be creative. Even my husband has noticed my lack of scrapping, never a good sign.

So for me this weekend will be spent:

- Sewing a camera strap
- Sewing a phone cover for Zaly's iPhone (something I promised and purchased the materials for in SEPTEMBER!)
- Doing minimum 2 LO's
- Finding where I stashed my knitting things

It should be manageable if I pull my head in, considering other than cooking and driving Zaly to and from work (oh and the general cleaning washing clothes etc) I only have a run tomorrow afternoon at 4pm with Mel and Trisha (Trisha isn't running she's being tortured in other ways by me). Can you believe that I can now run 5kms, it's something that I put off trying for a whole year. Thankfully one day the beautiful, but slave driver friend of mine, Mel just up and said that's enough get on the treadmill and run. She's so mean she made me do 30 mins without stopping, god I love her, she made me see what I can do. Since then she has encouraged me to keep up with the running and increase the length of time I stay running. Currently I'm doing 5kms in 38 mins, and I'm hoping by the end of this year to have that time down to 35 mins.

Oh in other non-creative self butt whooping news, I am now a model, haha, not, no I had my photo taken for an advertisement for my Gym. The ad will be published in the Queensland Muslim Times, and aparently all the branches of the gym nation wide have the right to use the ad :) I'm kinda stoked, kinda hoping to that no one EVER recognises me, I have issues with people looking at me lol, thankfully my sister Trisha has the same issues (always nice to know you're not alone). After the ad is published I'll be nice and share it on here, for the 0 readers who visit this blog to see :D

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Totally Neglected

I'll be back soon with some very long time coming updates.

My poor poor neglected blog.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm damn forgetful

About a few things (this blog being one of them).

Yesterday was my 5th wedding anniversary, and I forgot! It wasn't till my mother said to me late last night, 'it's your anniversary today right?' that I realised (well actually I didn't I was like I'm not sure, I had to get out my wedding certificate to check the dates). Thankfully Zaly had also forgotten till late night, so I was saved from being the only one. We are making it up this week, haven't decided yet how we are making it up though.

I also forgot to share this LO:
Edleen asked me to be a guest designer on her blog 'Are you feeling Groovie?'

I set the challenge as a blue theme (you can read it on the blog), cause I love the colour blue.

Last weekend I think Zaly was feeling all romantic, he brought me home this rose
The smell was divine and it looked so beautiful in the vase.

Last wednesday we went down to the Gold Coast (my Dad was down so it was my parents, my sister and her hubby and their 2 kids and Zaly and I). We went for a picnic at Natural Bridge, it's so beautiful there. Then afterwards we went for some shopping at Pacific Fair (I'm peeved they had that Nike bag I brought last time for half price). Then in the evening we went to Surfers and had a look at the markets before having dinner at Shiraz Nights (I'm so in love with that restaurant).

My sister and I went badge crazy at the markets and I got these 6 badges:
They had so many that I wanted, and I have plans to buy more, esp the funny ones. The cat one says 'Kitty is mad because you suck', I so need some more of those, they have lots of mad kitty ones with funny sayings. Trisha also brought 6, and she got 3 keyrings as well (2 Family Guy ones and a senior cit one for our dad.)

Anyway as you can see I've been slacking in the scrapbooking and sewing departments, I have to make 2 library bags though so that'll get me back into sewing. And I need to just get off my butt and scrap (I have the photos, I'm just being lazy).

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'll be back

I promise, I'm like dead set the worlds worst blogger!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

More great fun

hehe no LO's or sewing to show (I'm getting to lazy for my own good).

But last night I did win something *yay* I voted for a song on the Hot 30 count down, and I got the call back for the boarding pass!!!!!!! omg it was so embarrassing, I was nervous and I giggled way to much. But I got it write (though Tim said I pronounce Castle wrong lol) and I won a Car navigator, a HD set top box and a CD *yay*.

So that def perked up my night, and I'm still all excited this morning.

On Wednesday we went to the Gold Coast, we went for Shopping then we ate dinner. Dinner was awesome, we went to this Persian Restaurant Shiraz Nights the food is to die for. And it's Halal, so mega bonus there.

So some piccies:

In front of the beach at the end of Cavill Ave

Here is DH and I standing on Surfers Paradise Boulevard just up from Hard Rock (well you can see it there hehe).

I took this pic near Starbucks at Chevron (at Surfers), it's looking up Surfers Paradise Boulevard, the tall building in the very back is Q1, nice building. I loved the way the light was shining on it.
This statue is in Pacific Fair (close to Myer), I loved it the moment I saw it, it's called "Mother and Baby" and is so sweet.

I got this bag from Zelus Nike store in Pacific Fair, I so needed a new gym bag, all in love with it I am (I also got 2 Nike tees for the gym, and DH got 2 tops and some thongs from Nike as well).

That's enough pics hehe. Got to go, things to do, tonight I'm going to my sisters, we're playing cards and going to have dinner together.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today was a great day *yay* though it didn't start out well.

Brothers GF tried to cause trouble AGAIN, I think she needs mental help, the things she says aren't normal at all.

But past that, today we went to pick up our new car *woot woot* I'm extra excited this time, we brought a Ford Falcon XR6, my *dream* car, we got it in black, the interior has blue highlights, gorgeous (even the instrument panel <- where the tacho etc is, glows blue, gorgeous). So I was excited from the moment I woke up, getting ready to get myself in the drivers seat.

So at 9am, before we had even left I recieved a phone call to say I won a competition at the gym for a beauty pack. It has got so many things, I'll post a picture tomorrow. It even came with nice bag for the bathroom things when traveling.

Then to top it off, I had a Tupperware party last week, normally I wouldn't have one, but my sister bugged me to have it. So I held it at her house and she got some of her friends to order things. But I was still a few dollars shy of the minimum party amount to get free tupperware. Today I spoke to her for a few minutes and one of her friends from TAFE ordered something and got me over the line *yay* so more freebies here I come.

Anyways on to other things:

because I am one of the slackest bloggers on this planet :p some updates for you all.

I'm back at TAFE, I'm studying Information Technology, after a run in with one of the tutors due to a communtication problem (and the need for me to get some credit transfers), all is going good now. *god willing* I'll get all the credit transfers I'm hoping for, then I can finish the course really fast! I'm not much in the studying mood anymore, so a little break would be nice.

My weight loss is coming along great lately :D very happy with myself, I decided to treat myself to. I brought a pack of 45 Personal Training sessions to keep myself motivated, and keep my muscle from disapearing. On the motivation thing, well I'm really fooling no one lol, I still go 5-6 days per week.

The weekend before last we had a great online crop on the forum, So I joined in for some of the challenges and these were what I made:

For the 3 hearts challenge: (LO had to have 3 hearts on it)
"Just because you are"

For Ed's "My Heart" challenge, had to do a LO of ourselves on a heart shape, and express ourselves on it.

And lastly for the card challenge, it was from a sketch.

I've been pretty busy, between TAFE, gym and my mum being here, and sadly haven't touched my sewing machine in ages (not scrapping much either), so this weekend I'm going to make myself do 1 sewing project and 1 scrapbooking project!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm still alive

I'll try and blog sometime this week.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my 24th Birthday. We're not doing anything. And I've already had the only 2 gifts I'm getting for a few weeks (a photo printer, and my tragus piercing). :)

I'm pretty pissed off with DH work, today is a public holiday and they've not only changed his shift, he's doing a double shift, which means this will be 3 days running he's worked from early morning till late night! Last night he finished work after 1am, he was back again for an 11am start. The other manager is going home at 5, and his last shift was an afternoon/evening shift on saturday. So basically DH is overworked, won't get extra pay for it, and he can't even eat a meal with me on my birthday, cause he probably won't be home till midnight.

Anyway enough moaning, here is the LO I made last night, it's Kane (8), Kaleb (3) and I playing with the camera at my parents house. The boys are both so easy to photograph.