Sunday, December 03, 2006

My first Door Hanger!!

I made my first door hanger today. I titled it Love, I'm not so sure if your actually supposed to have a title for altered things, but oh well. I'm still learning, so there.


Now that I've made one, I have to say I have no idea where to put it??? I realise as a door hanger it should go on the door, but what if it gets wrecked? Can you tell I'm a stress head?

Must say I'm loveing altering things.

Well Now I'd better get off to cleaning up the dining room table, my husband has mentioned to me about 5 times in the last few days that i really should clean up the scrapping things when I'm finished, since he would like to be able to eat there at least once in his life.


julianna said...

Cuuute! So, I got your yahoo but I had to run to work and didn't have time to answer this morning. On my sidebar of my blog is a link/button to Zoot's Designs. I have a free blogger template from her. If you wanted me to set one up for you I can do it but I'd need your passwords so it's better if you can do it :) But it's really easy! You copy your template into notepad and save it in case something goes horribly wrong :) Then you take her template and paste it into your template area instead of yours. Then you hit preview to make sure stuff worked :) She asks that you host your banner and footer in your own photo hosting place, so mine are in my photobucket. Then I found the .jpg files she had for them hosted on her site and replaced that with my own .jpg address and voila!

julianna said...

here's her addy!