Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sisters LO


This LO I did for the m4m challenge, the 3 gorgeous girls are my eldest sisters daughters - Amelia (eldest), Camryn, and then baby Ashlee. Had to have at least - 4 photos, 5 cloth things, 8 fonts, and 10 pieces of patterned paper. Also no more than 1 card stock, 2 flowers, and 3 pieces of chipboard. It made requirement, but I'm not happy with it, I'm not used to making so cluttered lol, and i couldn't get the pics close together in a way that I liked. But oh well it's done and I'm just glad I finished it.

I hope the next challenge isn't as hard. Winner is drawn on Sunday and last challenge is announced on monday. Hopefully I'll have enough scrap material on home, cause I don't want to have to go shopping for the next 3 weeks since I'm going to singapore and I'm splurging on things whilst I'm there. Posted by Picasa

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