Monday, November 20, 2006

2 LO's


These are 2 of my LO's I've done recently. One titled Ed & Stef is of myself with my husbands cousin Edleen. It's very simple and i had a lot of trouble with it, mainly because it's 6x6 and it was the first I'd ever made. Perhaps I might add something to it sometime soon, when I can think of what to put in it.

The other "Family ties" is of myself and my husbands youngest sister Halimah, it's part of a 2 page LO, that I haven't finished the 2nd page to yet (no insperation lol). I love the look of this LO, and I had more sucess at this than I did with my 1st 6x6 LO. Posted by Picasa

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julianna said...

Hey! So i'm afraid to link to you because I do have men reading my blog and you have uncovered hair piccies :) And anyway, you're whitey and Muslim so you'd probably attract Shan, the one who posts on my blog! haha! I like your blog!