Thursday, January 24, 2008

Not much happening

I did some scrapping tonight for {create}'s January challenge, I will show it tomorrow, it's just a silly LO hehe.

Onto other things, I decided this morning that I will study cert 2 in Information Technology, then next semester I will study either cert 4 in Business Administration, or cert 3 in Business (Legal Administration) regardless of which one I do it'll be by distance ed. The campus I go to doesn't offer either of those 2 courses, and I can't get out to the other campuses it's way to far to travel everyday (I'm talking lots of bus and train changes, and it'll take well over an hours travel to reach there). I'm glad to have finally made up my mind with what I'm doing, and I will apply for the course next week *god willing*.

So I went shopping today, got a few more scrapping supplies, some more materials for sewing. I also got a great deal on a dress from Target, was $50 marked down to only $6! So I sprung and grabbed it, I got a size 12, and prayed it would fit, I didn't feel like trying it on, and it did alhumdulillah. I don't remember ever fitting into size 12 in Hot Options *yay*.

I whipped into Myer about 50 times as well, there is this beautiful dress by Tokito (I think that's the brand) it's in the Miss Shop area, they have it marked down to $60 with 25% off the price, spewing though I saw it on Sunday at 50% off but couldn't get a hold of DH to ask if I could buy it. So I'm biding my time hoping they'll bring it back to 50% off again (I know cheapskate right, but I don't want to spend so much for a dress to be worn only at home). Anyways in a way I'm glad I didn't buy it Sunday, because I tried on the 14, fits beautifully etc, but today I thought hmm I'll try on the 12, and it fitted me as well! So I'm hoping to get it and in the 12 instead. I love the feeling of fitting into such small sizes in the Miss Shop area hehe.

Anyways not much else happening (though my brothers girlfriend is causing even worse trouble, every flippin day! I'm the only one she hasn't been able to slander yet, and that's just cause I refused to associate with her from the start (including I have refused for the last 2 years to allow my brother to have any of my phone numbers, very smart move on my part). *God willing* she will stop all her rubbish soon, though some of the accusations are becoming to much.

Anyways I will try to come back tomorrow with my silly LO.

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Stephanie Mah said... wearing size 12 too.:P

Good day!!!