Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm so bad.

I haven't updated this in like forever.

To tell the truth i'm very scrapped out at the moment. i lost my mojo he returned for like 2 hours then ran off again and hasn't been seen in over 2 weeks. I'm so going to push myself to finish a lo by friday night. <- it's a long weekend so I'll be home all day friday so sad can't do my usual friday lunch out and shopping.

So not much news, only I'm joining a gym insha'Allah tomorrow, I'll see how I like it first, way before signing a thing, cause i don't want to be stuck in a 12 month contract paying so much for a gym I don't want to attend.

So other day to day news in the life of me, i went to the gold coast today, to go shopping!! Always so much fun, first stop was of course harbor town, who can pass up a shopping centre filled with factory outlets, cheap cheap cheap. We bought a new frying pan and saucepan (tefal brand), DH got some new shirts and ties for work, and we got some placemats to give to DH's macik. we also bought some royal albert coasters, pretty darn spiffy :p Then we picked up some oven mits and teatowels. After that we went off to pacific fair, we didn't end up buying anything from there but was fun anyways. We also looked at laptops, DH is toying with the idea of buying me one. we'll see what happens with that, will probably end up being later this year.

Oh and we've decided on this road to fitness that I'm hoping to stick to, to buy a bike!! For now we're just gonna buy 1 bike to share (can tell we don't plan on riding at the same time lol)then if we use it often we'll then invest in a second one. It'll hopefully be good, and will give me a small amount of freedom on the weekends (I'll at the least be able to bike it over to my sisters house and collapse on her couch, or move my butt to the gym if i sign up). So here's hoping we'll use it often cause then i can get my own spiffy bike, since this first bike will be a mans bike.

But the main thought with having a bike is...will it suit me with my hijb on lol. Yeah all for the getting fit and going places and all I can think of is how silly will i look with a helmet over my hijab and my fat butt on a bike?

well thats all my thought for now lol. hopefully i'll be back by thursday with some LO's i've forgotten to add here, and with a whole new LO to show, cross your fingers people that I get creative!!



Edleen said...

LOs please :D

Edleen said...

happy fitness!

and where's the LOs? *wink*

Umm said...


Just be aware that men's bikes are not as comfortable on the patooty as women's wide seat ones are. They can be so uncomfortable that they give an excuse not to be ridden! But, you can always buy something called a gel seat that makes it comfortable :)

Hijab and bikes can go together. When I lived in Cambridge, England lots of sisters wore them (and even in jilbab!)

Could you imagine riding your bike along the road in Singapore? :) My kids get completely sweaty just going to the local park on their scooters!


Edleen said...

hey Stef!

Congrats on losing more than 10kg!
what an achievement and also, miss your blogging!!! :D

Edleen said...

can't wait to see your new LOs!

great that your creative juices are coming back :)