Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy November

So I'm as always late with my entries. I think Ed's asked me about 10 times since my last post if I've updated this thing. :) But at least it didn't take me 4 months lol.

So nothing much has been happening in the life of me. We've been back from my parents for 2 weeks now (I swear time just flies by). And I've been slacking off at TAFE. I know I should just pull my head in and finish my course, but I just can't seem to pull myself out of bed in the morning, or even look at my books. Annoying thing is now I have 4 weeks to finish it all, so I'd better get in and get it done. Says to self **you will go to TAFE as often as possible for the next 4 weeks, and you WILL stay the whole time**

Wednesday this week will be a scary day for mwah. I have a dentist appointment at 12.15pm, and I'm freakishly afraid of dentists! Like I was seriously starting to hyperventilate just making the appointment. I'm even scared of getting my teeth cleaned. It's ironic isn't it, I have horrid teeth, and I'm scared of the dentist! I bet if my teeth were pefect I wouldn't be scared to go. So anyway it's 36 hours and 5 minutes away (yes I'm counting down). I'm scared.

So I've done some scrapping this week, actually I've done 3 LO's and altered a cheese board in the last week and a half. That's a record I think for the last few months lol. The 3rd LO I'll have to show next time, cause I've yet to photograph it, and it's night time (need day light).

I took this photo of my 2nd sisters 2 kiddies back in Febuary. Kane has such a fake photo time smile, where as Terese will be natural and do whatever her lil heart pleases, plus she was getting sick of the camera by that time (I'd taken about 500 shots of her).

This LO is of DH and I at Cape Hillsborough. It's just north of Mackay. I swear the sand on that beach is the nicest I've ever seen in my life, it's like a silvery colour, I wanted to take it home lol.

And finally my altered cheese board. I made this for a friend (obviously her name is Mandy). I'm giving it to her tomorrow, and eekk I realy hope she likes it. I've never actually altered anything for someone I'm not related to (except the coaster for the swap thing, but that doesn't count).

I'm eagerly awaiting a parcel from Blue Bazaar! I went a bit overboard with ordering (ended up spending $70 eek), and can't wait to see my new goodies. I got 3 new rub-ons from October Afternoon, plus a few of their gorgeous papers, some thickers (chipboard and foam), MM felt flowers, and shimmer alphas (was hoping to get some more noteworthy papers but they aren't in there yet), and I got a bunch of the new papers from Sasafrass Lass (I hope I spelt that right), I got some from all 3 sets, but most are from the Owl Pals, cause that one is just plain gorgeous.

Also to make the shopping time even better I'm going to Scrapbook City sometime between tomorrow and Thursday! Hehe but I think DH will put me on a scrapbook buying ban after this.

Oh and to show Kane can smile normally:

Isn't he just *handsome*

That's it from me, since it's 12.30am! 35 hours and 45 mins to go! *help*


Stephanie Mah said...

Stef, ohoo finally you have update your blog.:p

Gorgeous works & great shots there!!

about the dentist, just rest & relax!!"wink".

love the new look of your blog.:D

Edleen said...

so how was the dentist? it's Wednesday now and you're probably having your teeth cleaned and fixed! hehe...

glad to see you updating and scrapping again :D

you know i will bug you about it! :P