Thursday, March 01, 2007

slack slack slack

^Thats me, with this blog. gah somedays I just can't get myself to write anything. i'm lucky though that I have a lovely cousin in law Edleen to remind me that this blog is here. Thanks Ed!! hehe.

So as always your gonna get a dump of pics lol.

This LO I did of my brothers and sisters and I, it took me ages to finish, even though it's so simple. Reason being is I wanted it to be nice, but the thing is my sisters and brothers don't talk to one another, sad really, I'm the only one who talks to everyone, my sis Jenny holds the record of only talking to me, and usually thats only when she wants something. So it's kinda sad to look at us here, so happy and young, and this was the times when we all got along, only 7 years after this photo was taken everything had changed. And has been changing since then.
We are family

OK so onto happier things. The photo is from January 16th, my mummies birthday, we took her to the park at Forest Lake (beautiful views of the lake). And had a picnic, with my sister Trisha, her other half Bobby and their kids. Then Zaly and Bobby played cricket with Terese and Kane, i eventually joined them, trust me it was a funny sight, me playing cricket. Kane played mostly as wicket keeper, I tell you now that boy has the stance perfected, he just forgets to try and catch the ball lol.

This is terese, I use her as my model, she doesn't care cause she loves to dress up in my tudungs, and she loves having her photo taken. I took these photos for a how to Tudung thing.l I like doing up instructions for stuff, so i wanted to show new muslims/new tudung wearers how to do different styles. I have the list up at muslimas oasis. So onto the LO, I knew the moment I had put the photos on the computer that I had to scrap them. So I had put up another list on the UYS thread at m4m, and Mich had challenged me to use AC paper and alpha stickers, 1 SEI journaling tage, 2 photos and K&Co glitter rub-ons. I saw these photos and I thought eh it'll go so well. So I made this only last night (ok I'll admit I was gonna do it another day as we had till the end of the month to complete, then I realised Feburary only has 28days and that there was 1 min left of feburary here, so i quickly whipped it up, and it worked so well). It may have been different if I'd have started it earlier.

These photos are from when we went to Sentosa island. I made this LO for the 2nd asian dare, I liked the way it turned out. It took me a week to come up with the title lol.
Love life

It was my sisters birthday on the 19th of February (Trisha is now 25!) So I made these 2 cards for her, 1 is from my parents, my mum requested I make a card from them. The 1st one is from my parents.
birthday card 1

This one is from Zaly and I.
birthday card 2

And last but not least I made these coasters. I'm gonna put a magnet on the back of each and slap them on the fridge. So I made these as part of an instruction i'm doing for an online magazine (I told ya I like doing these things). This is the link to the Mag <- go visit it, it's great full of information, Bedraya does a good job of putting it together each month or so.
Altered coasters

Well thats all for now, I'll try and update later, I want to get another LO done before i go pick Terese and Kane up from school (it's thursday I get to pretend i'm mum every thursday lol, the kids love it, all being picked up from school by me, and they love to say to people, this is my aunty she's muslim, whilst i try to hide lol).

Hope everyones having a good start to March! I still can't believe it's the 3rd month already.


Edleen said...


all your work are nice and love the one of you especially. very pretty!

you'll be a Mum one day soon, InsyaAllah :)

Cousin Ed

julianna said...

Wooo! Photos!

Stef said...

aww thanks.

Julianna getting all excited there eh.