Friday, February 02, 2007

Some new things

Here are the LO's I've done lately. The first is of Halimah, Nenek, Annie and myself a Neneks house during Hari Raya last October. It was such a good day, and Nenek is so sweet masha'allah. The title is just about us all being related.
Ties that bind

He sees beauty, I made this LO for my husband, this is his absolute favourite photo of me. He took this photo of me 4 years ago, as you can see I blinked when he took the photo lol.
He sees Beauty

I made this LO for my husbands cousin, she's just started a scrapping kit, so she sent me over some papers to make some things with. I've only done this one so far (made it yesterday). I'm going to try and make a card as well, and another LO. The papers are so nice.
Treasures of the heart

These 2 coasters I altered for my brothers 2 children. Destiny (8) and Kaleb (2). I'm going to glue a magnet on the back of them both so they can keep them on the fridge.
2 coasters for Destiny and Kaleb

I made these 2 LO's for an online crop. The 1st one (Sasha & Stef) I won a prize for. It's tough trying to meet the deadlines lol, when all you want to do is chat with everyone.
Sasha & Stef
Travel light

Well thats all for now. I've been really good with buying things, I went shopping on Wednesday for stuffs, the first time in a few weeks. I'm waiting for the new CHA things to come out then I'll probably be at the shops getting things everyday lol.

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Edleen said...

how much shopping did you do??? that's alot of luggages hehe...

very nice LOs there Stef! :)

Cousin Ed