Friday, November 28, 2008

This weekend ...

I'm going to TRY my hardest to be creative. Even my husband has noticed my lack of scrapping, never a good sign.

So for me this weekend will be spent:

- Sewing a camera strap
- Sewing a phone cover for Zaly's iPhone (something I promised and purchased the materials for in SEPTEMBER!)
- Doing minimum 2 LO's
- Finding where I stashed my knitting things

It should be manageable if I pull my head in, considering other than cooking and driving Zaly to and from work (oh and the general cleaning washing clothes etc) I only have a run tomorrow afternoon at 4pm with Mel and Trisha (Trisha isn't running she's being tortured in other ways by me). Can you believe that I can now run 5kms, it's something that I put off trying for a whole year. Thankfully one day the beautiful, but slave driver friend of mine, Mel just up and said that's enough get on the treadmill and run. She's so mean she made me do 30 mins without stopping, god I love her, she made me see what I can do. Since then she has encouraged me to keep up with the running and increase the length of time I stay running. Currently I'm doing 5kms in 38 mins, and I'm hoping by the end of this year to have that time down to 35 mins.

Oh in other non-creative self butt whooping news, I am now a model, haha, not, no I had my photo taken for an advertisement for my Gym. The ad will be published in the Queensland Muslim Times, and aparently all the branches of the gym nation wide have the right to use the ad :) I'm kinda stoked, kinda hoping to that no one EVER recognises me, I have issues with people looking at me lol, thankfully my sister Trisha has the same issues (always nice to know you're not alone). After the ad is published I'll be nice and share it on here, for the 0 readers who visit this blog to see :D


Edleen said...

Congrats Mrs Model!!! show us the stuff when it's ready :)

bbhome said...

We all want to see the ad!!

OmAbdullah said...

heyyyyyyyyyy i always check your blog ... you neglector ! heheh And wow can't wait to see your ad mashaAllah!

Mabrook on the running ! Your an inspiration thats for sure... mashaAllah

Stephanie M said...

time to update your blog.:p

Have a great weekend!