Saturday, March 08, 2008

More great fun

hehe no LO's or sewing to show (I'm getting to lazy for my own good).

But last night I did win something *yay* I voted for a song on the Hot 30 count down, and I got the call back for the boarding pass!!!!!!! omg it was so embarrassing, I was nervous and I giggled way to much. But I got it write (though Tim said I pronounce Castle wrong lol) and I won a Car navigator, a HD set top box and a CD *yay*.

So that def perked up my night, and I'm still all excited this morning.

On Wednesday we went to the Gold Coast, we went for Shopping then we ate dinner. Dinner was awesome, we went to this Persian Restaurant Shiraz Nights the food is to die for. And it's Halal, so mega bonus there.

So some piccies:

In front of the beach at the end of Cavill Ave

Here is DH and I standing on Surfers Paradise Boulevard just up from Hard Rock (well you can see it there hehe).

I took this pic near Starbucks at Chevron (at Surfers), it's looking up Surfers Paradise Boulevard, the tall building in the very back is Q1, nice building. I loved the way the light was shining on it.
This statue is in Pacific Fair (close to Myer), I loved it the moment I saw it, it's called "Mother and Baby" and is so sweet.

I got this bag from Zelus Nike store in Pacific Fair, I so needed a new gym bag, all in love with it I am (I also got 2 Nike tees for the gym, and DH got 2 tops and some thongs from Nike as well).

That's enough pics hehe. Got to go, things to do, tonight I'm going to my sisters, we're playing cards and going to have dinner together.


Stephanie Mah said...

oh stef, great shots!!!
i missed Gold Coast so much!!
wish i can fly over there now.:p

have a great weekend!

Edleen said...

love your shots of Surfers Paradise! and of course of you and Zaly :)

nice gym bag...when shall i start going to the gym???

have a great week!

ianz said...

wow beautiful view!!! haven't been to gold coast before...hopefully i'll be there one day =)


Naddy said...

goshh i miss gold coast... went there once back in 2008....