Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today was a great day *yay* though it didn't start out well.

Brothers GF tried to cause trouble AGAIN, I think she needs mental help, the things she says aren't normal at all.

But past that, today we went to pick up our new car *woot woot* I'm extra excited this time, we brought a Ford Falcon XR6, my *dream* car, we got it in black, the interior has blue highlights, gorgeous (even the instrument panel <- where the tacho etc is, glows blue, gorgeous). So I was excited from the moment I woke up, getting ready to get myself in the drivers seat.

So at 9am, before we had even left I recieved a phone call to say I won a competition at the gym for a beauty pack. It has got so many things, I'll post a picture tomorrow. It even came with nice bag for the bathroom things when traveling.

Then to top it off, I had a Tupperware party last week, normally I wouldn't have one, but my sister bugged me to have it. So I held it at her house and she got some of her friends to order things. But I was still a few dollars shy of the minimum party amount to get free tupperware. Today I spoke to her for a few minutes and one of her friends from TAFE ordered something and got me over the line *yay* so more freebies here I come.

Anyways on to other things:

because I am one of the slackest bloggers on this planet :p some updates for you all.

I'm back at TAFE, I'm studying Information Technology, after a run in with one of the tutors due to a communtication problem (and the need for me to get some credit transfers), all is going good now. *god willing* I'll get all the credit transfers I'm hoping for, then I can finish the course really fast! I'm not much in the studying mood anymore, so a little break would be nice.

My weight loss is coming along great lately :D very happy with myself, I decided to treat myself to. I brought a pack of 45 Personal Training sessions to keep myself motivated, and keep my muscle from disapearing. On the motivation thing, well I'm really fooling no one lol, I still go 5-6 days per week.

The weekend before last we had a great online crop on the forum, So I joined in for some of the challenges and these were what I made:

For the 3 hearts challenge: (LO had to have 3 hearts on it)
"Just because you are"

For Ed's "My Heart" challenge, had to do a LO of ourselves on a heart shape, and express ourselves on it.

And lastly for the card challenge, it was from a sketch.

I've been pretty busy, between TAFE, gym and my mum being here, and sadly haven't touched my sewing machine in ages (not scrapping much either), so this weekend I'm going to make myself do 1 sewing project and 1 scrapbooking project!!!


Stephanie Mah said...
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Stephanie Mah said...

Stef, gorgeous layouts!!! and woohoo someone got a new car"wink'.
and congrats on your gym beauty competition.(:

Edleen said...

hot new car eh! :)

lovely layouts there and hope to see more! *wink*

have a great month of March!